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Russia / October 17, 2008


The Russkie dream of buying out America’s economy might have tanked, but the Russians are increasingly sneaking across the border and making their presence felt in the U.S. media. Here is this week’s Russian-American video roundup.

1. Love Song For Sarah Palin

First, we got this viral video created by Russians in America of a simple young gopnik professing his love for Sarah Palin:

2. Marina “Don’t Let the Package Fool You”

Then, Fox News has taken a page out of eXiled Online’s playbook by featuring a sexy Russian babe acting out the sexy teacher/mail order bride fantasy live on the O’Reilly Factor. As this ultra-softcore Russian internet porn star talks smart about the meaning of the words “liberal” and “socialist”, you can see the lecherous thoughts play over Bill’s scaly face: “I shoulda pushed FOX news to make me their special Russia correspondent when they still had the money to send me there.” But he is making up for missed opportunities by having this tyolka on the show—and probably after—almost every other week.

Oh and Bill, don’t be shy about engaging in bit of friendly grabass after the show. From personal experience, we can tell you that you shouldn’t be afraid of those pesky sexual harassment lawsuits. Just ask your guest. She’ll tell you: “In Rasha, zis is how man in ofis give womans a compliments. We all womens loving it!”

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