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By Edward Limonov

Portrait Of Dirty Harry As Prime Minister

Knowing that he has no support of Russian society whatsoever (recent polls showing that his policies are disapproved by 98% of population), our tyrant Yeltsin, or rather leftovers of Yeltsin's decaying corpse, have created super Police State. Police general, Minister of Interior Sergei Vadimovich Stepashin was appointed as an acting Prime Minister of Russian Federation. Yeltsin did it in show-off style just a day before start of procedure of Yeltsin's own impeachment by a State Duma. Sinister Mr. President, having one foot in grave, cannot refuse himself a perverted pleasure to rape his country one more time. (Yes, I see him raping naked beautiful Russia, his old face shining of pleasure...) What was a reason for a rapid ascension of Mr. Stepashin, rather narrow-minded police officer? Even more, Stepashin is lousy police officer, the failure.

On June 30, 1995, Stepashin was discharged of his job as a head of FSK (Federal Service of Counter-Espionage) because of blood assault of Shamil Basaev's band on Southern Russian city of Buddionovsk. FSK (ex-KGB, nowadays it called FSB) couldn't notice and stop a band of Chechen warriors in full military gear to cross whole Stavropolsky Krai, as city of Buddionovsk located almost 150 kilometers north of frontier with Chechnya. Just recently as Minister of Interior Mr. Stepashin was responsible for the terrible fire of police headquarters in city of Samara, where 69 police officers have perished. That fire was not an act of some criminal vengeance. Hellas for Mr. Stepashin, it was a vulgar fire in dilapidated, old, overcrowded building. Most of police stations of Russia are like that of Samara, unkept, old, dilapidated ,and overcrowded. Mister Stepashin, as many Ministers of Interior before him, is too busy to do politics. He has no time to devote to well-being of his police. Mr. Stepashin is not very bright also. Otherwise how come he could let his "comrade-in-arms" (police general also) General Schpigun to go to Grozny--capital of Chechen Republic? Where the very same Mr. Schpigun during Chechen War was a commandant and responsible for the detention camps, how come?

Mr. Schpigun himself obviously is an example of astonishing recklessness, bordering with idiocy, but Mr. Stepashin, his superior, why did he send a stupid general to Chechnya? Chechens many times have had announced that General Schpigun is one of their worst enemies. Chechens have declared General Schpigun a war criminal. But Mr. Yeltsin have decorated General Stepashin after Schpigun's kidnapping and after fire in Samara.

Who is Mr. Yeltsin himself? Is he all right in his head?

No, he is obviously not. Mr. Yeltsin said that Mr. Primakov couldn't make it with the economy, so economy is not improving. So, now, Russian economy will be improved by police officer with such a bad record, that in any country he would be discharged without retirement pension as a Dirty Harry. What a bullshit! What economy?!

Stepashin's only quality is the fact that old tyrant Yeltsin strongly believes that General Stepashin is totally loyal to him. So, tyrant have had appointed a general in order to stay in power by police violence, as he cannot anymore cheat people of Russia by "democratic" means. What we will see in coming year is tyranny of dying President, supported by bayonets of General Stepashin's OMONs, SOBRs and others well-paid, heavily-armed SBIRs. Mr. Stepashin have had started to prepare himself to such a job long time ago. In 1989 he largely contributed to a collective book The Forms And Methods Of Work of Interior Ministry Forces Against Self-Made Organizations. Under the notice "For Service Use Only," that practical manual was published by Political Department of Ministry of Interior and distributed to police officers.

As I am a Chairman of exactly "self-made organization," I know how Stepashin works with us. On February 20th, Interior Ministry forces have been storming in headquarters of National-Bolsheviks Party. They calculated that box with Molotov cocktails been send to us by those very forces 40 minutes earlier, is still there. So they have invited NTV people, program Dezhurnaya Chast', photographers from some news agencies. Hellas, we have carried those planted Molotov cocktails to a nearby police station immediately after finding them on our doorsteps. Stepashin's police haven't read Stepashin's book, or Stepashin's book isn't good enough?

Now he is a Prime Minister. Dirty Harry, appointed by President. He was born on March 3, 1952, in Port Arthur, now China's territory. I wonder how and when he will die.

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