#0 | February 6 - 20, 1997  smlogo.gif

Death Porn

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Patrick Hyland Strikes Again!

The publisher and owner of the "Folium" publishing company was knifed to death on January 30th in a dispute over his database on psychological problems. "Folium" was a small company specializing in books on psychology and psychiatry. The 39 year old victim was described as quiet, modest, and careful.
The police are investigating what was on the stolen hard disk drive. It's obvious that the guy was killed in order to steal the hard drive from his computer at home. It is not known whether Living Here's Manfred Witteman or Patrick Lowland were involved, but witnesses reported seeing a creature that they described as "Iguana Man," and said that his accomplice, who spoke in a strong German accent, continually referred to himself as a "publishing genius."

Russkoe Bistro

What is it with Russians and cannibalism? Colonel Kurtz would feel right at home with these natives. A cannibal was sentenced twice over with the death penalty. The cannibal's name is... drum roll please... Andrey Maslich! His first human feast took place in July, 1994. He was incarcerated in the Rubtsov prison colony. He and a friend suffocated his cellmate. Then they made a fire out of the burnt blanket and cooked the parts of the bodies in the toilet. Not to be deterred, he went back for sloppy seconds while the police were working on the first case. So he killed his other cellmate for not giving his debt card back. This time, he was charged with the death penalty - the first one. While waiting for his execution he killed a third neighbor in some kind of argument. He took out the body parts and tried to boil the liver in a mug. It didn't go that well with his Chianti, so he put it back. But not before earning a second death penalty charge.


12 year old Maxim went to ride on a sleigh. He never came back home. His parents found a poorly spelled note saying he'd been kidnapped and they needed to pay some money to get him back. Within hours the police found a body- not the kidnappee's but kidnapper's.
Maxim had killed his teenage captor with a ski pole and made his escape, but was still in hiding when the police arrived in the hope that his mother would appear at the kidnapper's den with the cash. The budding entrepreneur planned to spend the money on his first beeper. And finally - a gratuitous picture of a dead person.

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