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Death Porn

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Get in the Box

Lou Gossett, Jr. will never scare us again. In fact, in the wake of an incident in the Vladivostok navy garrison last week, nothing anyone can say about boot camp in the West will ever impress us. How's this for military hazing: a fresh recruit in the garrison had been assigned to clean engine oil out of the hold out of a transport ship. According to Kriminalnaya Khronika, the recruit's commanding officer was "displeased" with the recruit's work, so as punishment he had him placed and locked in a steel box of the following dimensions: 80 centimeters tall, 68 centimeters long, and 37 centimeters wide. The box was kept in an area of the hold below the waterline, where it was very cold, and after about a half an hour, the recruit started screaming for help, but no one answered.
When the officer finally ordered the box opened four hours later, he found his unit one person smaller; the recruit was dead. Military prosecutors are now preparing a very small prison space for the officer, who has been charged with murder.

Murder 101

Police in the Siberian region of Maria El had the honor last month of catching what may have been the dumbest person to commit murder in Russia this year. Identified in the daily newspaper "Trud" as "A. Baturin," the murderer was caught after his victim, one Andrei Glushkov, was discovered in the woods at the end of June. In a true rarity in the annals of crime, police had an easier time identifying the killer than the victim, who had been missing for a year and had significantly decomposed. That's because Baturin had left his driver's license on the victim's body. It turned out that Baturin, an orthodontist, had been desperate for a car but had lacked the funds to buy one, so naturally he decided to murder someone along the side of the road and steal his car. While leaving a dozen stab wounds in Glushkov, who had picked him up on the highway, his driver's license accidentally fell out and landed on the victim's chest. Baturin got away with Glushkov's used Lada for a year but didn't get away with murder; the Maria El court has just sentenced him to 15 years in a prison colony where, ironically, he had once moonlighted as a prison tooth-cleaner.

I Love This Game

"There is no sphere of human activity anywhere in the world which has not felt the touch of Russian crime." So read the lead in yet another somber story by Kriminalnaya Khronika, which was commenting on a recent report by U.S. Senate investigators which asserted that one third of all Russian athletes competing in the United States were being blackmailed by the Russian mob. It has long been accepted that the murder of Valentin Sych, the president of the Russian Hockey Federation, and the murder of the head of the Spartak soccer team were probably connected in some way to the rights to players competing abroad. The extent of the cut that Russian criminal interests receive in return for releasing Russian athletes overseas has yet to be determined, but the NHL, the NBA and the ATP all say they are now going to look into the problem. In the meantime, let's keep rooting for the Red Wings- and hope Fetisov and co. have discovered the joys of offshore bank accounts.

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