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Death Porn

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shot in podyezd

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carved up like a turkey


riddled with bullets

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Innovative Management, Part II

(continued from the last issue)

Alexander Komin had it good. The underground white-slave boxer-short factory he'd built was beginning to show a profit. His incarceration techniques had proved sound: an escape attempt by two of his female slaves was thwarted when they attempted to ascend an electrified staircase to reach the ground level, costing him a few labor days while they recovered, but reducing costly staff turnover in the process. His relationship with the police was excellent-his staff had seen to that when they made a knit wall-hanging depicting the icon to the Kazan Holy Mother which Komin later gave as a gift to the chief of the Vyatskiye Polyaniye police. All that was missing in his life was one thing-love.
"Hey! What're YOU looking at?!"
He'd had trouble with his relationships before; a female slave he'd captured in 1995, a 28 year-old named Oksana, had proved an indifferent lover, and he'd been forced to beat her with a rubber baton, strangle her and then dump her body in the local landfill, ending any chance of a lasting commitment. But then, suddenly, to his rescue appeared a young maiden-23 year-old Irina Galushkina, whom he'd lured underground with vodka and a blow to the head. A love affair ensued, with a deep bond forming when the other slaves, in the hopes of finding an escape route, convinced young Ira to continue sleeping with Komin rather than hang herself. Four months of passion passed until heaven intervened with a surprise-Irina was with child. Gently she told Komin the news. The slavemaster, incongruously, erupted in a fit of jealousy. "Are you sure it's my child?" he reportedly asked. When he was finally convinced that underground imprisonment precluded duplicitous affairs, Komin did the right thing: he offered to marry Irina, bringing her a white wedding dress underground. We, the eXile, are not kidding about this; the Vyatskiye MVD confirms the story, which ran in Komsomolskaya Pravda last week. Irina agreed and was brought aboveground on July 21 to prepare for the ceremony; she escaped and promptly went to to the police, who quickly returned to rescue the two remaining slaves, Tatiana Melnikova and Tatiana Kozikova. Komin and his accomplice, one Alexander Mikheyev, were arrested on a series of murder and kidnapping charges. Komin tried to kill himself by slicing his wrists after arrest, but he proved better at killing other people than himself; he survived to stand trial, where prosecutors will ask for the death penalty. The three slaves are now in the hospital recovering; both Tatianas will likely be legally blind for life after spending two years underground.

He Wouldn't Shut Up

Finally, another classically pointless murder. Last Saturday morning on Ulitsa Kakhovka, a woman killed her five year-old nephew, strangling him with a
"Could somebody give me a hand?...and, uh, an arm, and a leg, and a face..."
hand towel. According to police, she did it because he wouldn't stop crying that morning. Apparently, he wasn't crying very loudly, because his 32 year-old uncle and the uncle's friend were also in the apartment at the time, celebrating the uncle's birthday. The two men drank so heavily that it wasn't until Sunday evening that they discovered the body. That was also when they discovered that the aunt, who had been hospitalized for mental illnesses in the past, had fallen into a catatonic stupor. She also has yet to accept food following the incident. Police have yet to decide who to charge for what exactly; the investigation, as they say, is continuing.

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