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Death Porn

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Taking Your Parents For A Ride

"Death Porn" has become less and less pleasant to write for the eXile staff lately, mostly because some of the stories are beginning to hit too close to home. On the one hand, we're beginning to be repulsed by our own attraction to the endless barrage of mutilations, rapes, and axe killings. On the other hand, the stories are just too close to home-literally. Last week, just as we were putting our "Strange Exchange" issue to bed, a wild police chase took place on the Garden Ring near Kursky Vokzal, just a few hundred meters from our office on Staraya Basmanaya Ulitsa. The suspect had just sideswiped one cop in his Zhiguli and had turned on to the Ring with another one holding on to the roof and trying to swing his arm around to get a gun into the driver's side window. Just another traffic violation in friendly Moscow?
Note from the eXile editors: this picture is obviously staged. If this girl were actually dead, her nipples would be twice as hard - and you'd be able to see her snapper.
No, not hardly. This one turned out to be the arrest of a 22 year-old from the Yaroslavsky region who was suspected of having killed both of his parents. And he wasn't just suspected of killing his parents, folks: he was suspected of having shot them, thrown their bodies in the bathtub, hacked them up with a knife, thrown the remains in his car, and tossed the pieces all over the northeast part of the capital during a night joyride. Seven pieces of Dad were recovered, while one large piece of Mom in a garage on Ulitsa Prokhodchikov, identifiable to neighborhood residents as a cashier from the nearby "Bassir" store, was what led investigators to the son. According to police, who haven't yet released the name of the suspect, the son was motivated to kill by his parents' insistence that he get a job or join the army. This would-be sensational incident earned the small headline in Moskovsky Komsomolets: "Sadist Threw Pieces of His Parents All Over Northeastern Moscow," just under an annoucnement that B-artist Semen Farade had undergone a successful heart operation.


Then there was the story of Roman Moryanin, the guy who got a job taking care of old people. Roman last week was arrested and charged with murder, which shocked him, because he didn't see it that way, even though, true, he'd left the knife sticking in her temple. Moryanin was a former psychiatric ward orderly from Kurgan who had only recently arrived in Moscow and had had difficulty finding work. When his family found him a job taking care of an 67 year-old wheelchair bound woman, he was content at first. But after a few days he got tired of the woman moaning and wailing at night from her meddlesome terminal illness.

Coming to the logical conclusion that she was possessed by devils and that her only salvation lay in death, Moryanin did the sensible thing: he went to a church, prayed for her soul, then returned to her apartment and delivered multible stab wounds to her heart, punctuating the attak with one blow to he temple which left the knife in her skull up to the hilt. He then ceremoniously folded her arms and then, not forgetting the illogical small detail of the type that seems to mark every one of these stories, covered all the mirrors in the apartment with tablecloths for reasons police have yet to determine. He was quickly arrested by police from the "Kitai-Gorod" precinct, who followed the sensible lead of tracking down the only other person who had a key to the victim's apartment. Police first discovered the body after neighbors became concerned that the old woman had cesaed her normal screaming regime.
"I don't know why, Doc, but it hurts when I laugh!"
Moryanin has already confessed to the killing and is looking a a long sentence in jail if he passes an insanity hearing at the Serbsky Institute this spring.

Yet Another Serial Killer, Part VI: Going Into Business

You know those humble old people at the street markets who sell homemade cranberry wine? You do? Bet you didn't know that they were the controllers of a vastly profitable local monopoly. Well, ok, we didn't either. But somebody did. Police from the 2nd MUR precinct last week announced that they had suspects in the murders of four cranberry wine-makers that were committed last fall. According to police, four men aged 22-48 from the Petrovo region took an interest in the local cranberry-wine market over the summer and wanted to break into it.
"This is the best Valentine's Day I've ever had!"
Lacking instinctive understanding of market reform, they decided to simply kill their competition, the Samilyn family and their partners, Mssrs. Chekmarev and Vinnikov. The former were shot in their apartment and robbed of their answering mahcine and two rugs, while the latter two were taken out to the forest, shot and mutilated. The four gangsters never managed to get into business, though, because they were arrested in connection with six other low-yield apartment-burglary-murders, committed in he Podmoskoviye over the course of the past year, in October. Police have confessions on the cranberry murders and even managed to locate the Vinnikov body with the help of the suspects. All four now face ten counts of murder and a lifetime of questions from puzzled prisoners who at least had motives for their crimes.

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