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By Edward Limonov

George Soros:  A Rip-Off Artist Triumphs in Russia

George Soros's Foundation festivities which celebrated its ten years of inplantation in Russia were posh. They were pompous and grandiose. The son of Hungarian Jew started on October 7th, with a gala reception at Kolonny Zal Doma Soyuzov (that Soviet sort of Gauleiter's Palace) went through seven Russian cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Nizhni Novgorod) and culminated on October 20 in Moscow at Interfax press center with a final press conference. Among the media events during Soros's ass-licking ceremonies was a press conference on the delivery of gratitude to Mr. Soros from the legislative assembly of the Leningrad's Region, or, for example, "Mr. Soros and Governor Prussak's joint press conference for the local media" in Novgorod. Or else, "Mr. Soros's meeting with the president of the Tatar Republic, Mr. Shaimiyev."

National-Bolshevik's Party (I have an honor to be a chairman of NBP) actively participated in Mr. Soros's celebration. In Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan we succeeded in spoiling some of the events of Soros's triumph. Party's demonstration against Soros lecture at Mariinsky Palace in St. Petersburg were disrupted by militsia forces. Three party comrades were arrested. Placards with slogans such as "Liberals-to the wall!" or "Soros-to prison!" or "Soros-go home!" were confiscated. The very next day judge Schischkin of Admiralteisky district of people's court pronounced verdict: according to article 166, point 1 of Penal Code (Organization of mass demonstration without permission), two of our comrades were fined each 300,000 rubles, and Mr. Andrei Grebnev convicted to spend a 24 hours in jail.

In Kazan, opening by Soros of Internet festival "Open Skies" was completely disrupted by a bomb threat, of unknown man, received by telephone. At Kazan's University National-Bolshevik's students made a speech of Mr. Soros inaudible by coughing, hissing, sneezing and cursing. Later, an effigy of Soros was thrown under the wheels of a tramway.

In Moscow, me and NBP ideologue Alexander Dugin went to the public discussion at conference hall of Tretyakovsky's Gallery, hoping to participate in open debate. Administration was terrified by our arrival. Hands of Mr. Alexander Auzan, chief organizer, were shaking when he handed me his business card.

It turns out no debate whatsoever. Simply forty-six persons were for more than three hours engaged in shameless flattery and ass-liking process. With only two exceptions: Alexander Dugin and me, we went against the current. Most of speakers anyway were recipients of Soros stipends, or else members of Soros's organizaions in Russia... in other words-dependants of Soros for their living.

Despite the big money involved, Soros's Russians proved to be Russians: the discussion at the Tretyakovsky Gallery was terribly organized. Even microphones have functioned badly. But what surprised me even more was the fact that followers of Soros's religion of "Open Society" all asked for ear phones to be able to hear translation when Mr. Soros himself started to speak. The "Open Society" follower should for the beginning at least to learn English, no? When Dugin went to the microphone, Mr. Soros suddenly awakened from sort of lethargic state where he was plunged during syrupy praising of Mr. Soros. He smiled, he grimaced, he looked happy and agitated. Dugin said that conception of Open Society is hostile to Russian nation, to Russian state and to Russian traditional values. That in the past ten years exactly George Soros's ideological projects and financial backing were behind most terrible catastrophes of Russian history. That pupils of George Soros in Russia-Alexander Yakovlev, Yegor Gaidar, Anatoly Chubais-are personally responsible for the destruction of USSR and for great rip-off of privatization.

Old dead man was visibly happy to hear those accusations. Probably they sounded for Soros as a list of conquered enemies' cities and towns.

When I went to microphone the hiss of indignation filled the conference hall. As I am hearing the speakers," I said, "I understand that only I and Alexander Dugin in whole crowd are not employees of Mr. Soros, not receiving money from him." (That was happy laughing of crowd around me.) "You should know, Mister Soros, that those people are after your money, not after your open society." Soros was really having fun! He was smiling and looking at me with pleasure. [During forty or so minutes that went after Alexander Dugin's speech, old Soros was plunged again in lethargic state. Hearing my name announced, he literally jumped from the depths of his arm-chair, he looked at me as to his beloved child.] "You, Mister Soros, brainwash our children with a help of schoolbooks, made by you. You are buying our scientists with your money. It is impossible to imagine that the United States government will allow Russian crazy multimillionare to feed American children his textbooks, or to buy American scientists in Palo Alto. Russian Soros in the States will end in American jail or at least thrown out from the United States. I demand from my government to refuse you a visa next time. Go home Mister Soros!"

Oh, how he was happy! He was deliriously happy and drunk of my speech. According to his own memoirs and interviews, from his early childhood Mr. Soros was obsessed with a messianic fantasies. Now he was in heart of Moscow, in conference hall of a national treasure-Tretyakovsky Gallery-face-to-face with his enemies, with a people of biblical Rosch land (look at "Scofield Reference Bible," it says that Russia is "biblical Rosch land," that is menacing the world with an insurrection of Gog's and Magog's peoples.) I understood suddenly why organizers asked for delay "for consultations" when Dugin and Limonov called for an admission tickets and possibility to participate in discussion. The organizers asked permission of Mr. Soros. And he happily said, "Yes!" Because he badly needed to fulfill his childhood fantasies. Now, Dugin presented for him people of Gog, Limonov those of Magog, and here he was-mighty crusader victorious over dark forces of Evil. He badly needed us.

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