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By Edward Limonov

A Year in Mad Dog's Life...

I have started hard working year of 1997 on Saint Edwards Day, on January 5, in town called Elektrostal in Moscow Region, speaking to the crowd of a few hundreds inside of terribly cold House of Culture. I spoke in support of comrade Yakovlev, our candidate to the local city council. At night, when I went back to Moscow by train accompanied by my bodyguard Alexei, temperature fall to -29 degrees.

Then it was terrible cold in the town of Dzerzhinsk, chemical capital of Russia and my birth place. When I arrived there on February 20, my birthday February 22, I have met in archaic, crowded with churches town of Arzamas, accompanied by Comrade Aksionov, the leader of our organization in Nizhny Novgorod's Region. In search of a toilet I have visited museum of Arkady Gaidar, writer and grandfather of ignoble Yegor Gaidar. Then I talk to the students of local Institute of Pedagogy. Despite Saturday, hall was like can of sardines, stuffed with students. From Arzamas I went to Nizhny Novgorod, from Nizhny to Yekaterinburg. At Yekaterinburg, dean of Polytechnical Institute have evicted me by force from auditorium, where I was ready to speak to local National-Bolsheviks and supporters. In the past Polytechnical Institute have educated honorable students such as Yeltsin or Ryzhkov, so how can its honorable dean to let leader of National-Bolsheviks Party to speak inside its clean, precious walls?

When in the beginning of March I have arrived back to Moscow, I found out that debts of National-Bolshevik Party headquarters for services (for heating, electricity, water, garbage collection, etc.) been sold to unknown brave organization called National Investment Industrial Center. We have received menacing demand of immediate payment of 137,431,028 rubles. Simultaneously we got a "claim" from a mighty owner of Moscow, from "Moskomimu-schestvo" to pay them 71,078,876 rubles, due February 21.

So, I have occupied myself with a war against "chinovniki" (bureaucrats). In a case of National Investment Industrial Center it was also a war against police structures, as that organization of hunters for the heads of creditors was tied up with police. We made our research, we found to whom we should to address in order to stop aggression. I called to Iosif Davidovich Kobzon and addressed few letters to Yuri Nikolayevich Luzhkov. We didn't win, but we succeeded in holding the enemy at some distance. In a middle of March I went to St. Petersburg to inspect our local party organization.

Meanwhile, my personal life been falling apart. My relationship with my girlfriend Liza, 25, deteriorated for the same reason as relationship of Ronald Reagan with his first wife, during the period when he was "Actor's Guild's" boss. Usually hard workaholics are frequently abandoned by women. Women need adoration and men's presence every day. In the middle of April I went to Saint Petersburg again, in order to prepare the occupation of "Avrora," Russian revolutionary ship-museum. With a party comrades, we visited "Avrora." I also have a love affair with a party comrade, Masha, 19. Sometimes it happens, despite all precautions.

On April 29, with a commando of 9 comrades, we left by train to Kokchetav in Kazakhstan, for participation in armed insurrection, prepared by Russian Cossacks. We have been searched already in Russian city of Penza by Russian Federal Security. In Kokchetov we have been arrested. Through hundreds of adventures, we went south, first to Alma-Ata, then across Uzbekistan's territory, (where we were searched, harassed, arrested dozens of times, and were lucky to leave alive Uzbekistan's police state). We arrived to the border town with a German name Denau, where we crossed Tadjikastan's border. On May 12, we arrived in Dushanbe, where we addressed to commanders of 201st Division of Russian Army. We have lived lives of soldiers, slept in cazern, went to Kurgan-Tube, to the Afghans frontier, we met legendary Tadjik's commander Makhmud Khudiober-diev. We had shooting practice.

In the beginning of June, in plazcart compartment of train "Dushanbe-Moscow," full of drug traffickers, we have reached capital city of Russia. My girlfriend Liza was happy to see me. I thought we will be happy couple again.

On June 14, at 4:39 am, our headquarters at 2nd Frunzenskaya were blown up by a bomb-like device, with a force equal to 250-300 grams of TNT. About the same time in the middle of June, I have received telephone call from town of Georgievsk of Stavropolsky Krai. Local organization of National-Bolshevik's party wanted me to participate in a struggle for a seat of deputy in State Duma, as deputy of Georgievsk Region have died recently.

All those events were accompanied by frequent relationships with a Russian law. I was suing newspaper "Argumenty I Fakty," and attorney of Khamovnichesky Region of Moscow wanted my skin for publication of my article in Limonka, supposedly offensive for nations. In addition, as always I performed my duties as editor-in-chief of "Limonka," preparing my newspaper every two weeks. On July 16th, I left for Georgievsk. I discovered that region is as big as Denmark and Holland together, that it is half-dessert, that it is bordering with Chechen Republic, with Dagestan, North Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Kalmykia. My boys managed to get seven thousand signatures me to become candidate. On July 28th, I was in Moscow, working hard to get money and support for my electoral campaign. I have met the deputy of neighboring to Georgievsk's region of Mineralny Vody, Stanislav Govorukhin, on July 31, and asked for help. Govorukhin didn't want to spoil his relationship with Zyuganov. (My main opponent was Communist of Zyuganov's party.) On August 5, I met General Rokhlin. I asked for support, we drunk two bottles of French Anjou wine at his Duma's office, he responded exactly as Govorukhin did. On August 6, I went to town of Vladimir to help our NBP man Sergei Gromov. On August 13, I and three NBR comrades from Moscow, we left for Georgievsk.

We came back to Kazansky train station only on September 17 at 10.40 am. After I lost elections, two of my men (one of them woman) have been savagely beaten up and tortured by police of Buddyanovsk, famous town-victim of Shamil Basayev's assault. Same day, September 17, at 10 pm, my girlfriend Liza announced me with a stone face that when I was fighting for deputy's seat, she fell in love with someone named Max. I gave her a slap and she left. I laughed sadly as I closed the door. Everything is predictable. Soldier came home. To console myself, I slept with a girl Natasha, 19, later I acquired myself three more girlfriends.

On September 20, I went to Parliamentsky Center, for a presentation of General Rokhlin's movement. I spoke to Anpilov, Terekhov and deputy Vladimir Semago drove me home. On September 22, Anpilov and Terekhov have proposed to National-Bolsheviks Party alliance with their organizations: with "Trudovaya Rossiya," and "Union of Officers." I accepted. I always wanted union of radicals.

On October 3, on November 7, and on December 7, New Radical Alliance have organized demonstrations and meetings. The most successful was that of November 7, when we crossed Moscow under the heavy rain and snow, shouting "Capitalism is Shit!", "The Good Bourgeois, is Dead Bourgeois!", "Dzerzhinsky Instead of Chubais!"

On November 11, I met Liza. We went together to a night club "Metelitsa" for an anniversary of TV show called "In the bed with..." Afterwards, we quarreled. I beat her up and we made love. We still do it.

On December 3, I went to Kaluga with a party comrade, philosopher Dugin, to speak to members of "Club of Electors." Next day we have received summons to the Court of Arbitrage on December 24. "Moskomimu-schestvo" (in fact, Mayor Luzhkov) wanted to evict "Limonka" and NBP from our headquarters at 2nd Frunzenskaya, 7. But surprise: on December 24, representatives of "Moskom-imuschestvo" announced that they have received a letter from Administration of a President Yeltsin, concerning our cause, so they ask judge for a month time to reconsider their position...

No doubt, in 1997 my life of a chairman of National-Bolshevik's Party as well as my personal life was a life of a mad dog. I slept little, I was struggling with a cold, I crossed the mountains of Tadjikastan on armored personnel carrier's armor at night (that is strictly forbidden), enemy blowed me up in Moscow.

But when I will win I will have all Russia. And you, reader, little brother of mine, will have nothing.

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