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By Edward Limonov

Limonov's Cabinet

Mr. Yeltsin insists on appointment of Mr. Kiriyenko as Prime MInister. Hidden qualities of Mr. Kiriyenko are invisible for my countrymen, for all of them, except Mr. Yeltsin. Is Mr. Kiriyenko, 35, a young lover of Mr. Yeltsin, 66?

Anyhow, vulgar show of presentation of Mr. Kiriyenko's body to our Parliament and that of rejection of Mr. Kiriyenko's body by our Parliament goes on and on. That is not a political show, that is soap opera: "Tzar Boris and his beloved, balding child, Alexsii."

Meanwhile, Russia is filled up with a hate and violence and wars. Brutal suppression of student manifestation by special police forces in Yekaterinburg, recent assault on army column in North Caucasus, hundreds of businessmen killed in Moscow's entrances-can all that bachanalia of blood and terror be stopped by young Kiriyenko? Of course not. Russia lives through times of wars and revolutions, and no government of bureaucrats can run Russia efficiently. We need a revolutionary government.

If appointed Prime Minister myself I would act in following manner. One, I will close down all commercial banks, and will expropriate all their money. I will pay salary due to teachers and miners and to all workers. Two, I will send most of police special forces to the Russian-Kazakhstan border, so instead of spending their time in beating students and football supporters they will be employed properly. Once police forces in place on the border, I will call President Nazarbaev and ask him to remove his administration and Kazakhstan flags from its northern provinces, populated by Russians. No matter what he will say I will move special police forces in Northern Kazakhstan. Three, I will stop paying foreign debts of Russia, including paying back credits. I will freeze all foreign assets in Russian banks. I will declare the property of Russian state all foreign companies. Four, I will support Russian and Tatar separatist movements in Crimea against Ukrainian state. I will support Russian separatist movement in Donbass miner's region in order to destabilize Ukrainian state. Five, if President will object to those measures I will arrest him.

During the first hours of my prime-ministership I will close all country aeroports and all passenger trains going abroad. Tough control will be installed over all money transfer operations of banks and over business operations.

Step-by-step the climate of discipline, of hard work and that of efficiency will be the only climate of Russia. The law forbidding participation in Russian politics of ex-Communist party big bosses and those of nomenklatura will be passed. All government posts will be occupied by members of National-Bolshevik Party. Fresh blood will fill the arteries and veins of Russian state. MGU student Titov will become Minister of Education. We will call him Commissar of Education. Lieutenant Stasov, 23, will be appointed Kommissar of Army. As in time of Napoleon wars and that of Civil War in Russia young kommissars and marshals will run my country.

Russian parliament will be consisted of two chambers. First, of 450 deputies will do law-creating job, its members will be elected. Second one, of 900 deputies would be called "Chamber of Advisers". Its members will be presented by people of regions, they will represent professions, the ages of populations, they will be authorities of our society, religious authorities, etc. Task of "Chamber of Advisers" going to be to advise a head of Russian state on how to run country, what our problems are, what to do in order to solve this or that problem.

Culture will not be controlled at all. It will flourish as a wild tree. Sciences will have state support, they will be financed from the budget of a state. Russian socialism will be created, economical system for the profit of majority of population. All provincial towns, every small village will be run by a young National Bolshevik.

Mr. Kiriyenko will work as a bookkeeper in Moscow's prison Butirka.

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