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By Edward Limonov

To Be A Negative Star

I am a star, no doubt about that. Probably known more than any of Russian movie stars. When I am walking Moscow's streets I am recognized by hundreds of people. I belive that no Norman Mailer or any of American senators can boast of such a street popularity. Personage of Russian tragedy since 1990, I am known through all of Russian populated territories. That is the result of combined effect of my books, of my articles, and of course of television appearances.

Although overwhelming attitude of the crowds is excitement, friendly smile, demand of autograph, nevertheless I am considered by media and by those in power in my country, by their public opinion, to be a negative personality. I wonder why? I was savagely attacked on September 18, 1996, headquarters of my party been exploded by explosive devie on June 14, 1997. I wander why?

It all have started in 1990. I have still lived in Paris, but was already very much involved with Russia. Having an experience of a few visits to my native country, reading Russian newspapers, I understood that Russia is going wrong way. And that Russians are badly equipped for their job of changement of Russian society. That their politicians in reality are just functionary of administration, that they are provincial narrow minds and rednecks. That Russia intelligentsia, vain and stupidly proud of themselves, are just a bunch of retarded, archaic idiots blandly copying habits and phobias of Western world. Liberals' general idea- in five hundred days (they were in a hurry!) to recreate Western world and economy on Russian soil, following the Western recipe, struck me as rubbish. Because looking from France, evn to reconvert one factory producing arms in Alzas region, to make it produce peaceful goods, one needs enormous amount of money and from five to ten years of time.

'Russian liberals are suicidal dangerous idiots,' said I in my articles in 'Izvestia' and 'Sobesednik' in 1990. Russian public opinion have noticed my lonely position with dissatisfaction, cause I have destroyd their sweet illusions.

In January, 1991, I have sended my first article to 'Sovietskaya Rossiya', oppositional newspaper, hated by liberals, both by Gorbchev's and Yeltsin's clans and by Russian intelligentsia. "What did you do, crazy," called me a friend. "You have ruined your reputation forever. You betrayed values of Russian intelligentsia. They will never forgive you."

I have ignored warning and persisted in publishing in "Sovietskaya Rossiya" until September 1993. With a rate of two articles per month, been published in newspaper of over 1.7 million circulation for three years, made me popular as hell! When in 1992 I have visited Krasnoyarsky Krai, I have discovered that people have recognized me on the streets of small siberian towns, such as Eniseisk, or Lesosibirsk. But liberals and intelligetsia started to attack me as an enemy.

In Novemeber, 1991, I have offended them seriously. My novel, "It's Me, Eddie," came out in Moscow, and in the space of a few months over one million copies were sold. When my novel was doing its damaging work in Russia, Edward Limonov, author, aarmed with Yugoslav-made Kalashnikov, physically was present at Serbo-Croat fight for town of Vucovar. War reportage from Vucovar was published in "Sovietskaya Rossiya." It was nother big stone added to creation of statue of public enemy Edward Limonov.

1992 have added more stones. Simple account of event of 1992 sounds like deeds of many people., not of one. I fought in wars in Transdniestr, in Bosnia, in Abkhazia. I have participated in work of Congress of Soviet Deputies at Voronovo in March. I became director of All-Russian Committee of Investigation in shadow cabinet of Zhirinovsky. I have participated in creation of National Salvation Front. I made propaanda trips to Krasnoyarsky and Krasnodarsky Krais, and became leader of National-Radical PArty (my first unsuccessful attempt at politics, soon dead).

My participation in October 1993 fighting is known. When in November 1994 first issue of Limonka came out, and National-Bolsheviks started to seduce youngsters by its explosiv and attractive style, it added little to creation of horrible monster- statue of Edward Limonov, because job was already done. That is all right with me, that I am a monster. But I strongly reject the sign of negation, the sign of minus.

Let us look at Balance sheet of Limonov's articles without prejudice. In his early articles he urged Russian communists to overthrow Gorbachev from his post of General Secretary of Communist Party. It happened, such overthrow could save Soviet Union, bloody watrs would not occur. Limonov have urged Russians to live with its economy untouched or if proceed with changes do it carefully, like the Chinese did. What was wrong with those warnings, having as a goal well-being of Russia and Russians?

Limonov's participation in wars on the Serb, Transdniestr and Abkhaz sides should be viewed as acts of ravery and courage. The fact thta man never limited himself to role of simple observer and adviser, but bodily participated in Russian tragedy, risking his skin, should be at least respected.

Russia is disintegrated: it lost 25 million of its compatriots to the surrounding nationalistic regimes of newly-formed auhoritarian states. American, German, French personality (politician, writer) who would in such circumstances raise his voice and to fight for the unification of all American, German or French people will be considered as National Hero. Why am I a villain?

I am demanding that old political class of Russia- stupid, unskilled, archaic, corrupted functionaries of both camps, Yeltsin's as well as Zyuganov's, shoul dbe removed from office. Why am I villain? My demand is reasonable: 13 uears of Russian tragedy proving I am right.

I am convinced that only strong and pitiless and heriod group of people could rule Russia and resurrrect it.The tim for soft measures is gone. Is a surgeon a fascist? Am I a fascist?

I am convinced that we will be obliged to start National Libeation armed struggle against Yeltsin's corrupted anti-national regime. George Washingon and Mao Tse-tung were forced to Liberate their countries by force. Nobody calls George Washington a fascist. Am I a fascist? By the way, I wa born on Febrary 22, Wasington's brithday.

p.s. This article was inspired by "A Wolf In McFaul's Clothing", by Mark Ames.

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