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By Edward Limonov

Most Hated Man In Russia

Obvious is that real tax crusade is declared by government of Kiriyenko against Russian business community and against Russian citizens. Obvious is that taxes are squeezed from Russian economy and out of its citizens by demands of International Monetary Fund in order to pay percentage due on enormous debt of Russian Government. Crusade is identified closely with a name of Boris Fyodorov. Who is that man?

40 years old, Boris Fyodorov one of the heaviest members of Kiriyenko's government, he weighs 120 kilograms, or about 250 pounds. Graduated from Moscow's Financial Institute, Fyodorov have worked in 1987-1990 as a consultant for the Central Committee of a Soviet Union's Communist Party. So, he is not a brand new man as portrayed. Under Yavlinsky's leadership Fyodorov worked for a schizophrenic program "500 Days." In July 1990 Fyodorov's nomenklaturian career have drastically changed for better: he becomes Finance Minister in the rebellious government of Russia, headed by Ivan Silaev. One should keep in mind that government of Russia was created in order to ruin government of Soviet Union. Fyodorov, however, was a minister only until December 1990. His personal legend say, that he left, protesting against refusal of Silaev to adapt schizophrenic program "500 Days", but I suspect Fyodorov was too much even for Yeltsin's radicals.

Then for a few years our man have occupied himself with a double service for two Masters: he served the West and Russia. He was a Chief of Russian Operations for European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), then financial advisor for a government of Russian Federation. Finally Fyodorov have served as an executive director of International Bank of Reconstruction and Development, part of the World Bank group, for Russian Federation. He lived in Washington, D.C.

December 1992. Fyodorov is appointed as Vice Chairman of Russian Government, in charge of economy and finances. He went under political water together with his chief Yegor Gaidar. He submerged in January 1994 as a deputy of a State Duma.

"So what?" would say a reader. The story is that Fat Man Boris Fyodorov is a man of the West, no less than Chubais. May be more pro-Western than Chubais is. Curious but revealing fact-Fyodorov is an author of "Credit-Currency Anglo-Russian Dictionary." Zealot of credit-currency religion, Fyodorov have helped his fellow aborigines to understand the language of Western Gods.

Stuck in the closet during 1994-1998 Boris Fyodorov is now in action. That overweight man will chew and eat everybody, will it be a corporation, or a "physical person" [fizichesky litso], as they say in machine-like bureaucratic language. He starved for an action for all those years. Now he acts, no matter that his action is a negative one, destructive, punitive. For him it is no interest whatsoever. The fact that most suffering from his tax zeal are average people belonging to a timid middle-class, what Russia badly wants to create. Fyodorov is a big fat bastard. Because he is bright, he knows that Russian economy is fragile, that taxes that government of Kiriyenko demands are robberies, that business community and average citizen is rubbed by government. He knows well that about 44% of Russian budget money goes overseas into the hands of international banks. He knows that Russia pays not even its debts, but making "servicing debt money" on interest. He knows too well. In 1990 Fyodorov received the title Doctor of Economy for his work, "The Market of a Loan's Capitals in the Economy of Contemporary Capitalism." No doubt that Big Fat man also knows that such government of such a country has no moral rights to demand any taxes from its citizens. Because government done nothing for Russian citizens. Russians are alive despite its government. Not thanks to it, but despite! Kiriyenko's government even is not able to assure that workers' wages will be paid in time! Is that government defending its citizens from criminality, from aggression of hostile neighbors, from economical aggression of foreign countries, from unemployment, from a lack of food? No, not at all. So, fuck, who needs a government that robs its citizens of big part of their earnings?

Russians are silent, stupid, obedient slaves, I fell shame to be a Russian. In 1978 in the state of California man called Harold Jarvis have started a tax revolt for the reasons that were drastically insignificant in comparison with a Russian situation of 1998. I have lived then in U.S. Jarvis demanded from his fellows Californians to abstain from paying taxes. Two years later man named Ronald Reagan used overtaxation of American citizens as spring-board for presidency. As we know, he well succeeded. He was elected by those citizens twice. He would be elected third time if Constitution allowed.

As to Boris Fyodorov, I am asking myself: was that fucking Fyodorov really born by a mother? It seems doubtful to me. We know from history's books that Great Inquisitors were persecuting its victims without mercy, with some sadistical pleasure. So Fyodorov, drunk of his newly acquired power to interrogate mighty "Gazprom" or "SIDANKO," ready to ruin anything and anybody is fanatic Great Inquisitor. Taking pleasure in persecution.

Boris Fyodorov was a member of Communist Party of Soviet Union until August, 1991. Exactly to the date after which to be a member of Communist Party stopped to be profitable. A fat rat, he escaped the drowning ship with a hundreds of thousands his fellow rats. Fyodorov is most hated man in Russia.

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