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By Edward Limonov

Chikatilo vs. Serbia

"If we have physical possibility to transport Serbia by tug-boat into the deep sea and to sink it there, here in Europe we would be breathing much easier."

This was written by British newspaper Manchester Guardian... no, not in 1998, but in 1914! Today, as ever before, Serbia is spoiling for the Westerners its pleasure to breathe.

In 1941 with a Germans help, Independent State of Croatia was created. It worked hard until the spring of 1945 on elimination of Serbs (1.5 million were killed), Jews (only 60 thousands) and gypsies (nobody counted gypsies). Independent State of Croatia only one country in entire world what have had special death camps for children. Croatia was pacified by partisans of Tito, but Croatian bloody leaders Pavelic, Aptukovic, and others were never condemned for their horrible crimes.

Then bloody perestroika have come. In order to breathe easier, Austria and Germany started to transport arms to Croats starting from 1988, in order to help Croats in their secession from Yugoslavia. Freshly united in October 1990, Germany have backed Croatia by arms, logistic support, Deutsche marks, helped create sympathetic to Croatia public opinion inside of Europe. Hungary, who just fell off Socialist camp thanks to Gorbachev, gave Soviet Army barracks as a training ground for Croatian soldiers. Finally all the Westerners have united its forces in one Chikatilo-like effort of dismembering Yugoslavia. In 1991-1996, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kninskaja Krajina have been chopped out of bloody trunk of Serbia.

We thought it will be the end. But no, Albanian minority in Serbia, concentrated in region of Kosovo, didn't lose opportunity to raise its claims to its own statehood. Its entire population smaller than any of borough of New York, but who cares! Military Union of Westerners, sort of Collective Chikatilo, always happy to chop. Menace of bombardment is hanging over Serbia. The leader of Chikatilo's crusade against Serbia are United States, who acting as if it has only one goal: to become the most hated nation on earth.

"In Europe, there are two scapegoats, we and the Jews," used to say Serbs. After Holocaust, widely publicized by Israel and Jews of Diaspora, Jews left alone, but Serbs are Target No. 1. In Chikatilo's efforts to drive Serbs out of everywhere, one can feels enormous hate, irrational, wild hate of Serbs.

I went through three Serbian wars. I was on Serbian side. I said goodbye to my arms (Serbian-made Kalashnikov of "Chervona Zvezda" factory) on April 26, 1993 in town of Benkovac. I gave my Kalashnikov back to a chief of military police of Benkovac, in (now dead, invaded by Croatia) Serbian Republic of Kninskaja Krajina. I know Serbs well. They are reckless, non-diplomatic, open, crazy, rude, best possible friends, if you a friend; and pitiless enemies if you an enemy. They are very emotional, impulsive, in short they are naturally brave people. In both world wars they lost ONE THIRD of its population, so, in proportion, even more than we, Russians. But as they are emotional, impulsive, reckless, Serbs are right to defend its lands, and the graves of their ancestors, and Collective Chikatilo headed by the United States is wrong as hell.

Then here is the problem of inequality, of injustice. The very fact of imposing self-determination, statehood on Yugoslavian small nations: Croats, Albanians, Bosnian Muslims, and not imposing it on Northern Ireland Catholics, Basques, Kurds, Corsicans or Scots and New Caledonians-that very fact is INJUSTICE. We, Serbs, Russians, Kurds, Basques, Northern Irish Catholics, Scots, Somalians, all damned people of the Earth, we feel hate towards the uninvited bloody Judge and Executioner: Collective Chikatilo. We have a growing desire to kill that monster.

Another thing, just a detail. When Slobodan Milosevic gave up Kninskaja Krajina in 1995, then gave up Bosnian Serbian Republic, he had behind him support of Eastern Serbia electorate, predominately peasant, rural, prosperous, who wanted to dissociate itself from a Serbian diaspora in Bosnia and Kninskaja Krajina. Eastern Serbia electorate wanted that Milosevic will gave up these distant lands in exchange for the raising of Western sanctions, in order to receive petrol for its cars and tractors, to straighten up its level of life to that of before the wars. That electorate was irritated by Serbian radicals of diaspora. Now, the cause is different. Collective Chikatilo having as its goal to cut off Serbia its historical heart, the very heart of Mothers Serbia: Kosovo Region. All calculations over, Serbian peasants will fight Chikatilo to death, and we, damned people of planet, will fight on Serbian side. All I should do, personally, is to pick up Kalashnikov of Serbian factory "Chervona Zvezda."

Westerners are sick, they wanna be dead. So, go on, bomb. We will eat you up on Moscow's streets.

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