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By Edward Limonov

Getting to  Know the General

On January 28, I have meet General Zotov, new head of newly-organized FSB department charged with "Surveillance For Constitutional Order". Meeting took place from 4pm until 5pm at the top of old main KGB building, on Bolshaya Lubyanka Square, entry from Furkasovky Pereulok. Tall FSB agent met me on the street, we have passed the sentries, get up in old elevator. The corridor's floor was covered by linoleum, old and shabby looking. The secretary of general appeared to be smiling blond "baba" aged around 35 or 40, the general met me at the door, he was fifty, or so, small and rather fat. We seated ourselves around the conference table.

The general wanted to know me, the chairman of National-Bolsheviks Party, one of two biggest youth organizations of Russia (the another one is Barkashov's RNE). I wanted to know the General because according to my sources in the past he was the head of famous FiF's Department of KGB, "ideological" one, charged with a war against the "dissidents." In present time he was also one of the deputy of FSB Chairman Mr. Putin. General Zotov and me, we looked at each other.

General said how happy he was to see me personally because he only saw me on television. I asked the general to ask me precise questions. So he said: Is National-Bolsheviks Party planning to any actions with miners in coming spring? I said: No, and it was truth. (Then I thought it's a good idea to organize some mutual actions with miners.)

General said that NBP is very aggressive, noisy organization. I remarked that yes, our style is aggressive but we haven't trespassed any law, we are not responsible for even a drop of blood, while Yeltsin's government have its hands in blood of October 1993 victims, in blood of Chechen war victims also. I added that we are not extremist organization, that government is extremist and Ministry of Internal Affairs are extremist organizations. In one night in one Moscow police precinct militiamen commit more racial crimes, more beatings and cruelties, than Limonov's NBP and Barkashov's RNE together for all their existence.

General went to his working table, looked at file: "In Limonka N.104, you have written--" here he looked at me, "yes, you personally have written, 'We will go the other way, the way of Lenin's and that of Mussolini, the Red Brigades and that of the RAF..."

If you don't want us to go that way, general, convince the Minister of Justice Mr. Krasheninnikov to register National-Bolsheviks Party. I promise you, we will, if registered, participate quietly in elections. Then I said that I am ideological enemy of current regime, but I am trying to struggle with it by constitutional means.

"But you have frightened Minister of Justice by terrorism," remarked General.

"No, I have only explained to Minister that he will be responsible for forcing NBP out of elections of 1999. That his decision will possibly force my party into terrorism."

"I will be happy to see you again," said General, shaking my hand by the door.

"No thanks," said I.

"I mean in the similar circumstances."

On my way back I thought, what will be his conversation with me, if he would have the order to arrest me.

On January 30, a group of National-Bolsheviks have disrupted congress of party "Democratic Choice of Russia". About ten of my party-members have stood up suddenly, interrupting speech of Mr. Gaidar, screaming, "Stalin, Beria, GULAG!" The hall was filled with one thousand Gaidar's followers. The fight have started. All the newspapers and television dedicated their pages and time to that event.

Suddenly, as if by somebody's will, on January 31, group of followers of Barkashov have marched from some metro station to God knows where. All attention of the medias switched to Barkashov's RNE.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Primakov have started war against Mr. Berezovksy, his troops having raided "Sibneft" and "Aeroflot" companies, known to be under Mr. Berezovsky's control. In same time General Public Prosecutor Mr. Skuratov was ousted, and ex-Minister of Justice Mr. Kovalyov was arrested. Mr. Barkashov is facing criminal charges for that laughable march of about fifty of his followers, considered as realization of his threat to Mr. Luzhkov "to invite to Moscow one hundred thousands of tough men."

What the hell is going on in Russia?--will ask reader. The answer is: The End of Regime. The obvious heir to the throne Mr. Primakov is struggling to eliminate mighty oligarch Mr. Berezovsky, there is no place for Mr. Berezovsky in Russia of Mr. Primakov. But Mr. Berezovsky heavyweight champion answering by blow (probably organized by Tatyana Dyachenko, Yeltsin's daughter, whose sister Yelena is husband to Mr. Okulov, Aeroflot's Chairman) by hitting General Public Prosecutor. Mr. Kovalyov is probably got under arrest because he is the man of Communist Party of Russian Federation, allied with Mr. Primakov. It is not by chance that Parliament dominated by KPRF voted to strip Mr. Berezovsky of his job activities as Minister for CIS Affairs. This is only temporary, as long as investigations of Sibneft and Aeroflot will last.

As to the National-Bolsheviks Party and to Barkashov's RNE, they got under fire because they are TWO BIGGEST YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS OF RUSSIA. In time of intensification of troubles and crisis only those two are able to attract and organize healthy young men for the fight against the regime. From six thousand men that I have now, NBP would swell to sixty thousand almost immediately if economical and political situation will worsen.

Who are working hard to eliminated NBP and RNE? Tandem of Minister of Justice Mr. Krasheninnikov and of Mr. Stepashin, Minister of Internal Affairs, but they are supported in it by both camps. Here, Mr. Primakov's and Mr. Berezovsky's goals are similar: to eliminate radicals, as only we can challenge dying regime of Yeltsin and that of very sick from birth regime of Mr. Primakov's.

Where is Mr. Yeltsin in all it? He is in a hospital bed, guarded by general with Rumanian name: Bordyuzha.

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