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Fear Of An eXile Planet

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FIMACO: an eXile exclusive
Thank You Porn
Fear of an eXile Planet


by Nkem

Welcome to the eXile,a pain in the ass.
"IT" gives the middle finger to whoever'll ask.
"HE'll" fuck with you the moment you arrive.
And talk about sex as if "SHE's" deprived.
This is Mark Ames,the editor in cheif.
He loves to mark babes and get into mischief.
A crazy specimen,stable but wild.
Doctors declared his a hairy behind.
Meet Matt Taibbi,
Originally from Malawi.
Passed through the university,
With a double identity.
Took off for a holiday,
Came back truly born again.
Krazy Kevin McElwee.
Seen all the movies about Elvis.
I'm fond of calling him 'K.K'.
That's short and cute,just like a fuse.
Then he forgot to print my stuff.
I added another 'K' to his name.
Next on line is Edward Limonov.
Says no to interracial love
Says white is right and black is bad.
His boys love kicking niggar butts.
Quick Johnney Cheng,
Had an active chlen.
Feels fucking is alright,
Except with Madlene Albright.
The track record he left behind--
Lets go ahead and not rewind.
The man restaurant Lionel Tannenbaun.
God knows how many joints he toured and barred.
I bet he loves his job well done.
Even though you think it's a piece of cake.
He met all the girls in classified.
Vlad Kousraev for ads and promo.
I bet they got him satisfied.
A lot of good it did his hormones.
Next on the video clips,
Bobby Brown for video picks.
Sounded like the niggar,
That married Whitney Houston.
Through Bandit aid I met him.
He'd never been to Houston.
Katya,Katya,Sveta and Ilya.
A pity you're trapped within this lair.
Of boiling,throbing,militant crotch.
That certainly obtains among this bunch.
And then there is Adik,Christopher and I.
What can I say about us in summary.
Just three niggars scoring for groceries.
Whose sun tanned asses will soon become a memory.


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