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It’s just a coincidence that I happened to watch a new cable TV show, Jon Benjamin Has a Van, about the same time I got around to seeing the movie Super 8, so now the two of them are mixed together in my mind and you have to suffer for it. Sorry. Think of it as a media vs. media version of Deadliest Warriors, in which fighters from different eras and regions are pitted against each other in crazily illogical re-enactments and computer simulations, Gladiators vs. Apaches, that kinda thing. (Damn, that’s an enjoyable show! And controversial too—though if you ask me, they called it right, the Apaches totally would’ve won. But I can’t get sidetracked here.)


June 26th, 2011 | Comments (25)

The Embiggening Power of Star Trek ‘09

So Star Trek ’09 is out, it’s a big hit, and response to it is way over the top. This is highly enjoyable if you like to see people grappling with a popular culture artifact as if their lives depended…

May 11th, 2009 | Comments (23)