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In the spirit of the Millennial vs. Boomer debate raging in the comment section of Connor Kilpatrick’s great piece, “Thirty More Years of Hell,” I’d like to republish my account of an anti-healthcare town hall meeting I attended way back in 2009 in the subprime Southern California suburb of Victorville, in which I attempted to capture the fear and horror I felt watching old white boomer hicks froth at the mouth and tremble with rage at the slightest hint of extending to their kids and grandkids the same sort of government-run healthcare “entitlements” that they’ve been sucking on all their lives. (more…)

February 7th, 2012 | Comments (28)

Woo-Hoo! Obamacare Works! For Health Industry Billionaires, Of Course...Jeez, You Think We'd Celebrate If Costs Fell And Billionaires Became Hundreds-of-Millionaires? What Are You, A Parasite Or Something?...Boy, You Gotta Assume All Those Billionaire Doubting Thomases Who Called Obama "Socialist" Must Feel Reeeeally Stupid Now, Huh?! Ha-Ha!...

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