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Today’s Defendant: Christopher Buckley, Again

Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: Being “the latest conservative/libertarian/whatever to leap onto the Barack Obama bandwagon” has lost Buckley his post at the National Review, the rag his father William F. founded, and he’s been bragging about his own martyrdom ever since:

As for the mail flooding into National Review Online—that’s been running about, oh, 700-to-1 against [me]. In fact, the only thing the Right can’t quite decide is whether I should be boiled in oil or just put up against the wall and shot. Lethal injection would be too painless.

Thus Buckley has put us in the position of agreeing with National Review readers about something—the necessity of torturing Buckley—and that is unforgivable.

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DAILY INQUISITION: Punching Christopher Buckley

Today’s Defendant: Christopher Buckley Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: Like his father before him, Buckley has led a life of vilest error from beginning to end: speechwriter for G.H.W. Bush, author of reams of smug crap, wearer of that stupid…

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