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Can I time these articles or what? The day after I put up my article on Ethiopia’s troubles in Somalia, 5 car bombs go off in two Somali cities targeting the Ethiopian consulate in Hargeisa, the Presidential Palace (such as it is), a UN HQ, and the Puntland Intelligence Service.

That’s the first time I even knew there was a Puntland Intel Service, by the way. Puntland is the horniest part of Somalia, the coastline up there where it pokes up into the Indian Ocean and then heads west toward Djibouti. Puntland has been in the news a lot because it’s the home beach of the world’s coolest pirates. Maybe the Intel Service was getting in the way of the local business. I would’ve thought their main job was identifying promising ships, casing the joint as it were, and passing on the info to the local Long John Silvers for a cut. Well, if there were any Puntland crimefighters, they’re shredded meat now. That’ll teach those do-gooders to mess with the Horn. (more…)

October 29th, 2008 | Comments (1)