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eXiled Alert! Tyolka Tuesdays has been moved. From now on it’s going to be called “Tyolka”Thursdays” and will appear every Thursday, naturally. Relax, it’s still the same ol’ Russian chick fix, just on a different day of the week.

This week’s Tyolka Thursdays post shows just how serious Russians are about that old advertising adage. In Russia, sex sells everything. And that includes website hosting.

These pics are taken from a promo event for Moscow’s Hosting Telesystems, which introduced the company’s sexy staff to masturbating computer geeks from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. They’re saying, “Hey nerds, if you host your lame site with us, you’ll have sex with our horny naked tyolka staff! We’ve got tyolkas doing everything: taking customer service calls, working the router racks (uh-uh-huh), defending their network against DoS attacks and, most importantly, scanning for all sorts of nasty viruses (uh-huh-huh) and trojan condoms, eh, we mean, horses!”


September 11th, 2008 | Comments (4)