Vanity Fair profiles The eXile: "Gutsy...visceral...serious journalism...abusive, defamatory...poignant...paranoid...and right!"
MSNBC: Mark Ames and Yasha Levine
Broke the Koch Brothers' Takeover of America
November 2008

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Pakistan's Bugs Bunny Ploy: "Gee India, You Wouldn't Hit A Fragile Democracy With Glasses On, Wouldja?"

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Treasure Map to Clinton's Speaking Fees

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First Estonia, then Georgia and now America: “Suspicions of Russian involvement … Military electronics experts have not pinpointed the source or motive of the attack.”

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No Siesta For Mexican Drug Fiesta

War on Drugs Blowback: A bullet-riddled body found stuffed upside down in pot used to cook pork… A body tied to a fence in front of a police station… Reporters wearing bullet-proof vests… 4,500 dead in one year…Dozens executed in…

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Mumbai: Exporting Pakistan's Resources

I sure didn’t expect to be spending Thanksgiving morning sucking down instant coffee and flicking channels between CNN and the BBC. But the attacks in Mumbai are so big and, like they keep saying, “brazen,” that I stayed up late…

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War Nerd Update: Mother Ship, Shrimp Boat, Either Way It’s Puree!

Cop groupies, naval warfare nerds and gas-starved SUV moms around the world all had the same hero last week: the Indian Navy. The Subcontinental squids announced that they had struck the first blow for law’n’order on the high seas by…

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Film Review: Twilight and the Attack of the Vegetarian Vampires

The problem with Twilight isn’t that it’s an embarrassing fantasy for teenage girls—hell, I was a teenage girl myself once, so whatever celluloid dreams get the poor addled kids through seventh grade are okay by me. No, the problem is…

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Thanksgiving Outrage: Parent Compares Turkey to Zyklon B

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Tyolka Tuesday: Russian Calendar Girl Collection

Russian companies know that sex sells. They also have a ridiculous amount of hot chicks working in them. Putting tyolka and tyolka together, they had a light bulb marketing moment: “Let us not imprison our talent in offices and simply…

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The eXile: Sex, Drugs and Libel in the New Russia By Mark Ames and Matt Taibbi Yea, the Lord has heard thine prayers, and He, in His infinite Sadism, has answered thee: back on sale, newly printed up, is the…

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Despite what they say, this sure looks like a stroke to us.

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Obama Crawl: Episode #1: South Park

How do you cope with defeat when your whole creed is “You can’t argue with success”? In the wake of Obama’s victory, American conservatives have some of the best minds to come out of Regent University working on this problem….

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Report: the CIA Finally Gets One Right

The agency got dressed down this year for misleading congress about shooting up a plane full of missionaries, which they mistook for a narco-plane. While we regret the loss of life to the other 10 narco-planes, it is an unfortunate…

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Daily Inquisition: The Growing Trend of Transvestite Porn

Daily Inquisition: Transvestite Porn Statement of the Grand Inquisitor: Having made a study of popular porn sharing sites like, and, we have noted a disturbing trend. Gaping holes, ass-to-mouth, and extreme gagging are being eclipsed by a…

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In Semi-Praise of "Fallout 3"

At its root, Fallout 3 is about cleansing the world of life, stealing and hoarding. This makes it a real innovator in the world of role-playing gaming. The last innate human drive unfulfilled was simple raw power, and as the…

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TypePad Mocks Media Famine

Six Apart, the company behind the popular TypePad blogging platform, just went Marie Antoinette on us all. With all the jobs being cut in the paper industry and increasing numbers of reporters stuck with nothing to do but moan, the…

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