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What You Should Know / June 6, 2010 -- To follow up on Phil’s disheartening post on the treatment of former U.S Ambassador Peck, who was one of a still- unknown number of Americans on the aid flotilla, the overall reaction to the abuse of our citizens has been strangely muted and flaccid — whether at the White House, Capitol Hill or in the corporate media. As the interviews start coming in through alternative sources, we hear so far that at least two Americans were beaten, and one female U.S military veteran, retired Col. Ann Wright, has first-hand knowledge of the physical attack on unarmed journalists and female activists around her on the ship Marmara. She told Democracy Now! yesterday that her fellow passengers were also stripped of their laptops, cameras, cell phones and the entirety of their luggage. After being “deported” from Israel, they were dumped in Jordan with the shirts on their backs. They found their luggage awaiting them — empty.Yet instead of demanding an accounting — you know, like Turkey is doing for its own citizens — we have elected leaders trying to put Americans on that flotilla in jail.

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