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By Edward Limonov

The West Is A Mad Dog

Western produced rockets and bombs are hitting beautiful Austro-Hungarian city of Belgrade, hitting tiny picturesque archaical towns of Serbs. All that barbarism done in order (or as excuse) to create tiny state of Albanians in Kosovo, on Serbian soil.

What historical memories are awakened by NATO bombardments? The Fourth Crusade, of course, when Western Catholic Crusaders have seized Christian but Orthodox city of Constantinople in 1204, killing, looting and raping and killing again. The Crusaders founded feudal Latin Empire, which existed until 1261. Hitler, dismembering Tcgekhoslovakia in 1938-1939 at least had a pretext in a few million strong German population of Sudetenland and Bohemia. Is Kosovo populated by Yankees, Brits, French, Germans aspiring to independence? No. Why then US and NATO interfered in Kosovo? Out of what strange sympathy? Lot of Mexicans live in American states of Mew Mexico, California, Texas, why don't you make a Mexican state for them first, Yanks? Kurd nation at least 20 million strong has no state of its own. Why don't you help Kurds with statehood? Yankees silent on these subjects.

If you, reader, tell me that Serbia is still a menace to even tiniest country of NATO I will spit on your face. No man, fuck you. Serbs are fighting for eight years, they are exhausted. Serbs will be happy just to live as they live before March 24, hoping for no changes. With its population of less than ten millions, hit by the wars from 1991, Serbia is no menace to NATO countries whatsoever.

What motives behind Western crusade against Serbia, what overly serious reasons? Strategical goals? I don't believe it. Helping creation of another Islamic state in Europe (Albania, Bosnia are Muslim) is very risky business in a long run. Today Albanians look at Yankees and NATO as their liberators, tomorrow they will fight side by side with their Muslim brothers against Yankees.

Maybe economical goals are pursued by Western alliance bombing Serbian cities? Reasoning that petrol prices will go up because NATO use enormous amount of petrol during daily death flights over Serbia? Dow Jones will go up because of war? If so, Western leaders are deranged. They should be dismissed from their posts, tried and convicted.

However, I think that another explanation is available. In 1986-1991 the Soviet Empire, mighty rival to Western civilization, committed suicide. From that time the West and only the West became one and only master of planet. (Of course there is still China, but is China on the same planet?) From consciousness of this fact the West went mad. "Its roof fell in," as Russians say ("Krisha poekhala"). When exactly this happened? I think shortly after fall of Berlin's Wall. Punitive expedition to Iraq of 27 countries was organized and performed in very new spirit--spirit of sick pleasure of the West from its superiority. Masters of our planet, of the Universe, bombed Iraq just out of pleasure. Oh, of course it was explained (to the world and its own Western populations) how Iraqi leader Saddam was bad, how Kuwait was defenseless. But in reality we, contemporaries, witnesses of Operation "Storm in the Desert" have had a strong impression that Saddam was lured into Kuwaiti trap. In order to get pleasure from killing Iraqi soldiers with air-fuel bombs. Otherwise it is very little sense in Iraq war. Nine years later "humane" Western leaders still bomb Irag's land almost every day. Will they bomb it after Saddam's death? It's highly probable.

From 1990 West has used every possibility to kill Serbs. First Austria, Germany and Hungary have parachuted arms to Croatia in helping it organize its secession from Yugoslavia. They literally forced Muslims of Sarajevo into uprising in 1992. But pleasure of only manipulating is not the same as pleasure of killing. So, they intervene in Bosnia. Now they bombing Serbia itself.

I am repeating: it is no strategical explanation for western behavior. Yugoslavia consisted of few million people and to say that it was an obstacle to USA and NATO strategical plans is silly. Strategical reason sounds even sillier today when are barely ten million Serbs left of Yugoslavia. No, reader, don't believe them: it's pure Psycho explanation that works. As Chikatilo did, serial killers appear on earth. In the same way serial killer nations appear from time to time. Hitler's regime was legitimate child of old Europe. Some Western ideas helped to create Hitler's serial-killer nation-state. Fifty years after defeat of Hitler's state we have western constellation of killer-states: USA and Western Europe. It is not of significance that NATO/US alliance totalling rejecting Hitler's heritage. In reality they are serial killers, only the motivation is different.

Hitler have punished other countries, took their territories, because he believed that Germans are Race of Masters, Aryans who should rule over other nations, making them slaves if Germans wish. Yankees and NATO also think they are rightful masters of other countries' destinies. They reject racism, yes--part of American soldiers bombing Serbia are black, some Hispanics, but they practice "Westernism," that looks no better than racism. Not a race is master (as Hitler preached) but superior Western civilization and its values is master of other nations. Pitiless and bloody master.

Idea of bombardment of Serbs was produced by obviously a very very sick mind. In order to give a practical independence to small minority, Westerners are killing majority of population of land, devastating land, bombing Serbs into medieval stage of life. Is that a final result of Plato's, Voltaire's and Nietzsche's philosophies--to bomb beautiful city of Belgrade? Yes! The road from "Liberte, egalite, fraternite" to "human rights" goes directly to use of air-fuel bombs. The West is dangerously ill of self-righteousness, megalomania. Like a dog, like a maniac serial killer, it is attacking by its whim. The only way to stop a dog ill of hydrophobia is to kill him.

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