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By Edward Limonov

Aborted Generation

In post-war drunkenness and lust they have been born. Mad of long abstinence, millions of young soldiers mounted girls, happy to be alive and fuck. Mass coupling have had place all over the world from May 1945 till the time when demobilized soldiers continued to arrive to their respective Motherlands: US, Russia, other Englands, so spermo-ball lasted practically late in 1946. Born of those couplings babies been strongly influenced by the death and war. Some atomic micro-particles, some molecules of war, blood and arms metal, have got into the wombs of females and affected DNA of babies. So, they are anxious people, those baby boom babies.

In 1966-69 baby boomish babies reaching their twenty, happily created hippie movement. Numerous "flower children" first started in California, then rapidly hippie fashion went over the world. Wearing gypsie-like clothes, chanting and taking drugs, hippies have enjoyed themselves. As to the world surrounding them, it was a same rigid world of policemen, businessmen, workers, government officials and housewives. Preaching love and happiness, seeking mystic experience, avoiding to work were not the things to be appreciated by that old-fashioned world. Hippie influence the industry of entertainment, but not the world, as it cannot be changed by chanting and taking drugs and by reading Casteneda's or anybody's books.

Becoming students eligible for military service in late sixties, some babies of baby-boom unwillingly went to a various wars and conflicts, to a bloody Vietnam War, in particular. Stupid May 1968 "Revolution" in Paris is their most prestigious political achievement: one month of a street musicals, of buffonade, of hows; witticism of discussion and slogans, perfect absence of action and as a result--full-scale failure. That was their "revolution"--a failure. Babies of boom also responsible for some other protest hysterics: "Berkeley's Revolution", "Berlin's Revolution", "Prague's Revolution" (also called "Prague Spring"), etc. The "heroes" of those hysterics become known to the world, they have achieved a great fame, people like Daniel Con-Bendit, or Bernard-Henry Levy or Serge Fuly or Jerry Rubin were worldly known. However, something been missing from characters of those "heroes," something been absent from their genetical heritage. What?

Masculine will to change the world, masculine vital determination to go ahead till the end, till the death or victory. They always stoned, when it was a confrontation. They stoned in Paris in May 1968, they stoned in Chicago in same year, they stoned in Berkeley in 1969. Why?

It's very possible that with molecules of war, blood and arms metal, the wombs of their young mothers have got a fear of their young fathers, fear of death. Animal fear to be killed.

During the seventies baby-boom children have lived disordered lives in the middle, in the normal world of their fathers and in that marginal world of half-hippies/half-political protesters, small troublemakers' lives. Finally the world of fathers subjugated them.

Of course they tried to get out. They deserately supported liberation movements in underdeveloped countries, they visited Fidel Castro in Cuba as Jean Hedern-Hallier or Che Guevara in Bolivia as Regis Debres, but the world of fathers got them. One by one they capitulated. Serbe Fuly's capitulation expressed itself in reorientation of his newspaper "Liberation" into pro-government newspaper. In 1977 Bernard-Henry Levy (ex-Maoist!) have published a book "Barbarism With A Human Face" where he denounced last protest ideology--a communism. From now on Levy become a worshipper of bourgeois values, super-Bourbois. Danill Con-Bendit becoming a Vice Mayor of city of Hamburg, Jerry Rubin--a yuppie. So, prodigal sons went back to family.

It is also not coincidence that biggest of their theoreticians, the brightest and most honest one (although not a baby of boom himself) Guy Debord have committed suicide some years ago. Alcoholic life and suicidal death of Situationist's movement was just another illustration of inferiority of baby booms children. His famous book "La Societe Du Spectacle" (1967) have preached the wrong principles: that nature of power in modern society have changed, that "spectacle" is its new nature. Not, no way, Guy. That is always a brutal rude principle at work everywhere: in Tadjik's mountains, at Paris or Kosovo, in New York as well as in Moscow: only brutal force is able to make a Kings and States. Mao Tse-Tung have expressed it in following phrase: "The rifle is giving birth to power." In 1968 as well as in 968 or many centuries before Christ, "spectacle" was a surface. Pharaoh's power was not located in his clothing or in mysterious religious ceremonies, but in masses of warriors commanded by him. Probably Debord finally understood that, so Debord committed suicide. Why to live if you have lost, if your ideas proved to be wrong ideas...

What is amazing is that those "rebels" have left no corpse behind them. Their surrender to father's world of bourgeois society was total. Everybody went to the enemy's side. Even more, "babies" are zealots of New World Order, they are supporting every ignoble cause, as if they wish to erase from memory their own frondist period. Baby-boom children, amongst a war mongers in first lines. Old, ugly-looking Suzanne Sontag, competing in its ugliness only with Madeleine Albright, is a war monger, asking for more bombs to be thrown on Kosovo's Serbs. Eaten by cancer, operated, gray-haired Fury of war, Sontag just a mad person, mad and repulsive in her madness.

So, baby-boom children grown up into sinister elders. It's a pity that they weren't aborted in due time.

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