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By Edward Limonov

Reflections On Western Victory Over Yugoslavia

A lthough activated by spirit of competition and by complex of inferiority, Russian paratroopers have arrived at Pristina--capital of Kosovo--before NATO troops, it's a little consolation. Small unit of Russians crossed border between Bosnia and Serbia and finally stationed its camp near Pristina airport. And what? Will they fight NATO troops? Hell no. Act of weakness and desperation.

It is awfully depressing to watch a NATO victory over Yugoslavia. Eleven weeks of awfully costly bombardments and medium-size country, European, independent, with an experienced, courageous army, is on its knees. Blitzkrieg, however, was made possible by multiple factors: 1). By concentration of military might of Europe and USA against one country, 2). By Western richness, 3). By advanced technologies of armaments, 4). By political isolation of Yugoslavia, as Yeltsin's Russia have abandoned Serbs yet again, 5). By old-fashioned submissive passive defense of Milosevic, who didn't had a guts to transfer a war on Western territory at metro stations of Paris and London and into New York City subway.

It was a war of a gang of richest countries against poor one. War of 21st Century technologies against 20th Century armament. Not that Yugoslavia comparable to African poor states, but it is a country armed with Kalashnikovs, machine guns, and tanks who fought against elegant flying cigars: Mirages, Phantoms, and other Tomahawks.

Aztecs fighting Cortez cavalry have been in better relative position than Serbs. Stupid Russians, we have fought Chechen War using arms that Chechens have chosen. Instead of bombing them from the earth surface, highly from the sky, we run to them in their bloody mountains with machine guns and pistols, face-to-face! So, we killed them, they killed us--in blood, shit and soil we fought.

Westerners, bright as Devils, attacked Serbs from the sky (spending billions of dollars as water!)--cold, unmoved, untouchable, inhuman, as their beloved heroes of Star Wars serial. All Serb courage, years of a war experience, all the abilities of Serb soldiers come to nothing in that kind of war. Serbs have prepared themselves to die in fighting, but what they watched in horror wasn't a war. It was planned, meticulous, made in cold blood destruction of Serb civilization: of their bridges, water reservoirs, electrical stations, of their factories, of all Serb possessions built over centuries! Ex-communist Milosevic didn't get it, but I got it: Westerners are not humans anymore. They are mutants.

What I want to say to Westerners, to those who not yet totally mutant, what I want to say seems so childish, so naive, that I fill shame. But I will put it down on paper, anyway:

1). It is not your fucking business what sovereign country doing on its own territory,

2). It is criminal, when national minority of one country asking big gang of outsiders, such as NATO gang, to come and to fight for them, for their interests,

3). Ganging together of countries in order to put down some country, or to change a political system of such country, should be forbidden. World wars will not occur, if that condition is fulfilled.

4). Globalism, efforts to submit all the countries on earth to Western standards should be condemned as criminal enterprise. Such thing as "Universal Justice" doesn't exist. Westerners are not judges to evaluate, to judge and to punish other countries and nations. Westerners have no monopoly on Universal Truth either. Universal Morality is non-existent, as well as Universal Human Rights.

5). The United States should make law only within the borders of USA. Sit quietly on your national territories, Herrs, Misters, Sirs and Messieurs.

They have achieved victory over Yugoslavia, no doubt. But they also achieved a hate. I doubt that Western governments understand what enormous, unusual hate they have achieved on every piece of earth, what is not Western. Western governments (especially dry Protestant brains of Yankees, of Brits, of Dutch and Germans) believe that everything can be achieved by enforcement, that if forced, freshly conquered, defeated, humiliated nation will live in peace and quiet. They think that they will overthrow Milosevic, and under new pro-Western leader Serbs will be happy to be friends with Westerners. No way, motherfuckers! Serbs never forgave Turks their Kosovo defeat, although six hundred years have passed.

What will finally happened, I know. The West will be overthrown by humiliated barbarians. Outside and within. Once upon a time it was a great Roman Empire. It was mighty, huge and rich. But barbarians always win in the end. So, the Mexicans, Serbs, Iraqis, Russians, others humiliated by you, we will destroy your cities and fuck your women. I have a dream... My dreams are always fulfilled.

"First we'll take Manhattan,

Then we'll take Berlin..." ... as Leonard Cohen sings.

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