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What You Should Know / January 20, 2012 --

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  • 1. Zuber Ahmed Khan  |  March 8th, 2012 at 7:53 am


    /KB/E/111 dated 21/02/2012.
    2. Obama: Loose talk of war……….. The
    Times of India dated 6/03/12

    Sub: 1. Military action is not the final
    solution for any issue.
    2. Attack on Israel deployment in India
    and others parts
    is the dirty game of Israel only.

    Dear Sir,

    1. Military action on Iran is not the last solution, America; European Union should solve the dispute through diplomacy. On the instigation of terrorist Israel America and Allied Forces should not attack on Iran. As America and NATO forces did in case of Iraq in second spell of war.

    2. On the instigation of Terrorist Israel America started war with Iraq in the name of mass destruction and Nuclear weapon. What they achieved, in the Second Persian Gulf War, rather Iraq invasion by America, in March April 2003, it was basically a U.S.-British invasion on Iraq on the instigation of Terrorist Israel. Uncountable innocent civilians have been killed for no reason. America and Allied forces attack on Iraq under the instigation of Terrorist Israel, on the false charges of having mass destruction weapon. After a long 3 decade of Iraq war and invasion do Americans have find any mass destruction weapon? What America achieved from Iraq War, just suppress and destroyed a sovereign Muslim growing country and send her thousand years back.

    3. Sideby Terrorist Israel if she takes initiative and starts war with Iran, neglect and isolate her in every pasture of war, as she is very keen to attack on Iran keeping the gun on the shoulder of USA, European Union. America and European should keep away themselves and should not involve in the war with Iran.

    4. Attack on her deployment at Delhi in the month of Feb. 12 is the dirty game of Israel only, immediately after attack, Terrorist Israel directly blamed on Iran. Just to get the sympathy of world community, America, European Union and find a way to attack on Iran and legalise the attack.

    5. Iran is a growing nation in Science and Technology, we are the civilized, living in the civilized society we can not destroy any sovereign nation only in the name of mass destruction weapon or Nuclear Technology. As America and Allied forced did in the past with Iraq. Do Americans have found any mass destruction weapon in Iraq even after long 3 decade of invasion? What America achieved from Iraq War, just destroyed a sovereign Muslim growing country and send her thousand years back.

    6. Why Zionist Israel creating so much anxious in case of Iran, why she has not created so much panic when North Korea procured the Nuclear Technology and become the Nuclear State. Zionist Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu termed Iran’s nuclear weapons a threat to the peace of the world and that must be stopped. What about Terrorist Israel and her nuclear technology who itself is the Nuclear Country, which is big threat to Islamic world and for the Arabs, terrorist Israel forcible invades the Arab land, which is a kind of terrorism and destroyed the peace in the middle east, Israel has got no moral ethics to speak about peace.

    It is prayed

    a. Isolate Terrorist Israel in case she attacks on Iran, no country should support her. It is the tendency of Israel to create problems in the middle east as she is problem maker and not problem solver.

    b. America should keep away herself war with Iran, and keep away to destroy another sovereign growing country.

    c. India should break diplomatic relation with Zionist Israel in case of war with Iran.

    d. International community should ask Zionist Israel to vacate the Arab Land.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

    Zuber Ahmed Khan

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