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What You Should Know / December 19, 2011 -- Despite the happy ending on City Hall’s north lawn, officials are struggling to reconcile their conflicted emotions over the entire Occupy farce. In his press conference, Villaraigosa suggested that “the Occupy L.A. movement can now amplify their calls for social justice and economic opportunity.” This sort of official nonsense flies in the face of everything the American public has come to know about the Occupy protests. Poll after poll, from Gallup to Rasmussen to Pew, has reported that to the extent people are aware of the Occupy Wall Street movement, they don’t like what they see. Californians have been more sympathetic than most Americans, but even their patience has limits. A Field Poll released the day before the LAPD’s raid on the Occupy Los Angeles camp found that 58 percent of California voters agree with the sentiment behind the protest movement, but nearly half said they don’t identify with the protesters themselves. (Even that result is astonishing: it’s one thing to agree with the fairly straightforward idea that government bailouts of big banks are wrong. But do 46 percent of Golden State voters really identify with drum circles, pot smoking, public urination, indecent exposure, violent brawling, and semi-literate rants against capitalism? And did I mention lice?)

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