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What You Should Know / March 2, 2010 --

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  • 1. Sibyl Erythrae  |  March 13th, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    Cynical Political Test For Compassion

    Two people are walking down the street one block behind each other when they each pass a drug addict panhandling for money.

    The first person to be accosted by the panhandler is a conservative. When asked for money, the conservative yells at the drug addict to: quit doing drugs, quit being a loser and to get a job; in that order.

    The second person to be accosted by the panhandler is a liberal. When asked for money the liberal calmly sympathizes with the drug addict, hands the drug addict a welfare check and some clean hypodermic needles.

    The drug addict quickly leaves to trade the welfare check for some more drugs.

    In this situation, who was the most compassionate?

    Well of course, it was the drug addict, for not bashing the two people over the head with the brick that he had in his pocket.


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