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Multifamily Housing Starts and Completions July 2010 exiledonline1

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Why We Fight: Homeowners' Association Forecloses On American Soldier's Home While He's Fighting In Iraq...Soldier's Family Owned $300,000 Home Free & Clear, But Wife Missed 2 HOA Payments, Leading To Rapid Foreclosure & Sale Of House...That's Right Folks, Just Because Some Americans Risk Their Lives To Defend America's Freedom, They Shouldn't Expect Any Free Lunches...Foreclosing On Deadbeat Soldiers' Homes Is The American Way, And If You Don't Like It, You C'n Just Git Out!

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Behind the Real Estate Bullshit: Socialism & Scams Drive Housing Market Optimism

If you search your favorite news aggregate for “US housing market”,  you’ll find a whole mess of headlines guaranteed to make you feel good about that crappy McTractHome you might have bought at the height of the real estate orgy….

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Weekend Getaway: In Search Of America's Foreclosure Nightmare

Last weekend, I took a drive up to Stockton to scope out a place I could call home for the next few months. My demands were very simple: I wanted to rent a house in a foreclosure nightmare, one of…

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