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Hey there drug war fans, I got some statistics to throw your way. While you gringos pay attention to the unemployment rate and foreclosure statistics, we here in Mexico track the national kill count—how many people died, who suffered the losses and where the action went down. The latest numbers were just released: they are compiled by the federal government, so they are not 100% accurate. For starters, the body count should be higher. But hey, with over 20,000 dead, the situation looks bad enough to me, whether they fudged the numbers or not. (more…)

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No Siesta For Mexican Drug Fiesta

War on Drugs Blowback: A bullet-riddled body found stuffed upside down in pot used to cook pork… A body tied to a fence in front of a police station… Reporters wearing bullet-proof vests… 4,500 dead in one year…Dozens executed in…

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