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Dispatch / March 23, 2012

PERTH, AUSTRALIA — A short update. Dr. Dolan’s old friend, Mark Steyn, the Canadian right-winger, has been touring Oz lately to promote his new book, After America, and Australia’s Tories are falling for him head over heels, declaring him the Great Right-Wing Humorist – almost makes you miss Hitchens, doesn’t it?

The Spectator I have in front of me shows Steyn posing with ex-Prime Minister John Howard and Murdoch columnist Janet Albrechtsen. That’s what I mean by “head over heels.”

The really curious thing, though, is the magazine’s cover:

You read that right; “Rowan Dean on why Mark Steyn must not be silenced.”

Well, I was stupid enough to pay $9.95 (AUD) for an issue.

I thought, “Hey, the world is going to shit, we’re living in the 1930s, version 2.0., and I’m stuck in the Eastern Suburbs of Perth, lugging tins of cat food around and playing Smithers to my Boomer mother while she recovers from a spiral tendon rupture – at least give me the pleasure of watching a tick like Steyn facing the Spanish Inquisition. I’d pay $9.95 for that! Cheaper than a movie ticket; and let’s just say I don’t have much time for movies right now. Mark Steyn vs. Torquemada! Steyn getting pegged by some Canadian she-commissar! Hoo boy! This is gonna be good! This is gonna be good! Bring out the gimp! Bring! Out! Da! Gimp!”

But, hoo boy, it was a fucking rip off.

Rowan Dean’s actual article didn’t give a single case of anyone threatening to “silence” Steyn. The closest example Dean can cite is an old 2007 case where the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal wagged its finger at him:

In 2007, Steyn ‘fell afoul of the Tolerance Enforcers and Diversity Compliance Regulators of the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal,’ who ‘devoted an entire day to analysing the “tone” of my writings,’ even flying in a professional stand-up comic to give an appraisal of his wit. In the end, they ‘let him off the hook’ but nonetheless accused him of flagrant Islamophobia. As Steyn quips: ‘How is flagrant Islamophobia any different to normal Islamophobia?’

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. British Columbia could easily be the most militantly PC place in the Western World and Steyn still couldn’t manage to get persecuted there. You Tories should be ashamed of yourselves – applauding a third-rate wannabe hater who can’t get busted for hate speech in Vancouver!

Instead, the Spectator article just recaps Steyn’s speech about how anti-racism is the biggest threat to Western liberal democracy since Lenin.

I’m not kidding:

Steyn maintains that we are losing the war on free speech: ‘The lights are going out all over the world on core western liberties; one light at a time, one cartoonist at a time, one novelist at a time, one filmmaker at a time, one newspaper columnist at a time.’ Steyn’s mission, he says, is to ‘relight those lamps.’


‘The lofty ideal of anti-racism is going to be to this century what communism was to the last,’ opines Steyn. ‘It is happening in UK [sic], Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, Scandanavia and now Australia,’ he says, referring to the recent federal court case in which columnist Andrew Bolt was found guilty under Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Was I shitting you? I wasn’t shitting you! Steyn-enitsyn here is comparing Murdoch columnist Andrew Bolt’s racial vilification trial (in which a group of Aborigines sued Bolt for calling them “white” in a newspaper column) to some kind of Soviet gulag persecutions.

Just one tiny problem. The worst that Bolt got served with – this is pissant civil law we’re talking about, not the criminal stuff – was an order to apologise to the Aborigines and a ban on the republication of his offending column. As far as I know, he hasn’t been sent to a hard labour camp in Magadan Oblast or locked in a psych ward and pumped full of insulin (which is what real Stalinists would’ve done to a real dissident). Maybe, if Andrew Bolt is brave enough, he’ll get charged with contempt of court and sent to the Aussie-Minimum-Security-Prison-Farm Archipelago – maybe, but I doubt it.

But wait, Steyn has more examples of dastardly PC Stalinism. According to The Spectator’s fawning two-page article:

Just as ludicrous is the story of Constable Sam Adams in Britain, where, as Steyn jokes, ‘everything is policed except crime.’ [R.G.: Zounds, never heard that one before! This guy is truly the Great Right-Wing Humorist of our time! Rest in peace Saki, you queer old josser! You finally have an heir in Mark Steyn and his smirking Canuck jokes!] The gay constable, who happens to be his local area’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community Liason Officer, overheard street preacher Dale McAlpine chatting about the Bible’s disapproval of homosexuality. McAlpine was promptly carted off to the nick, booked, and held for several hours. As Steyn puts it, ‘Constable Adams arrested Mr McAlpine for offending Constable Adams.’

Truly, this is the Nazi apartheid communist Inquisition of our time – a schizo vagrant getting lightly kettled for trolling a gay cop with ye olde Leviticus. Forget Obama’s new anti-Occupy laws; unmedicated street preachers is where da persecution’s happenin’!

The Spectator takes it even further. If you look at their cover, it’s Steyn who’s getting “silenced” by the fuzz – see that cartoon of him, gagged and hog-tied by a mullah and a gay constable? (We know he’s gay, see, because he’s wearing stockings.)

Rich white male victimhood doesn’t get more imaginary than that.

P.S. In case you think this is an isolated event, here’s a similar cartoon, of Mark Steyn getting “muzzled,” from the anti-Islamic blog Wings of Jihad.

Let me repeat. Steyn couldn’t even get persecuted in Vancouver, but the Right are intent on turning him into the next Salman Rushdie.

Ramon Glazov lives and writes in Perth, Western Australia. Email him at “ramonglazov at gmail dot com”

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  • 1. Susan L’Engle  |  May 6th, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Steyn is cast in the same mold as Trey Parker.

    They are both nominally heterosexual drama queens who love showtunes, the drudge report and heroically fighting the North America Left that has oppressed the continent and left us vulnerable to the powerful ‘islamofascist’ foes.

    Both are also both controlled by men of Jewish extraction who allow them access to the corporate cash trough.

    Both ‘mavericks’ got rich selling a right-wing victimhood mentality to white males that surpasses the leftist-feminist victimhood excesses they are railing against.

    They both embrace libertarianism and vague notions of god.

    This is as far as I care to understand.

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