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What You Should Know / November 28, 2011 --

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  • 1. gafner gundles  |  November 28th, 2011 at 9:56 am

    Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum is praising union-busting because Kevin Drum is an operative of the Democratic Party. His feigned support for unions appears to be nothing more than progressive window dressing. If unions were to stop working with the establishment and start demanding radical change, Kevin Drum would probably be among the chorus of liberals tut-tutting the “extremist” “militants” for pursuing something besides timid reform that comes in tiny increments meted out over decades.

    Mother Jones magazine, I’m sorry to say, is a fair-weather friend to the left. When OWS was getting big, and policemen were busting heads and spraying chemicals indiscriminately, Mother Jones was accusing protestors and policemen alike of instigating violence. I don’t know if the magazine has always been that way or if it was simply hijacked. It seems like they were doing some fantastic journalism during the BP Gulf disaster and then they went all neoliberal.

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