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eXiled Alert! / July 28, 2008
By John Dolan

If you want to see a pure American evil puked up unrehearsed and uncensored, check out these Free Republic comments on the news that two people were killed and several more injured when a gunman started shooting in a Tennessee church. One wise Freeper says that “something tells [me]” the shooter “had a Quran in his back pocket.” Another just knows that the shooter’s identity is being protected because he’s a “minority.” The rest take the opportunity to make Unitarian jokes.

Then it comes out that the gunman was a classic Freeper: an ignorant, out-of-work white fascist named Adkisson. The Freepers are confused. That means it’s their own precious, cherished hatred that fuelled the slaughter. They don’t have a clue what to say about that. So in their own graceful way, they take the broadminded view, the high road: it’s still hilarious that Unitarians got killed, but “prayers up for the families.”

There is no form of life more loathsome than the good old American patriot.

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