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What You Should Know / July 24, 2011 -- A 31-year-old American who says his name is Gregory Maxwell has posted a 32GB file containing 18,592 scientific articles to BitTorrent. In a lengthy statement posted to the Pirate Bay, he says that Tuesday's arrest of onetime Reddit co-owner Aaron Swartz inspired the document release."All too often journals, galleries, and museums are becoming not disseminators of knowledge—as their lofty mission statements suggest—but censors of knowledge, because censoring is the one thing they do better than the Internet does," he wrote.Maxwell says he is a technologist living in the Washginton, DC area. He tells Ars that "I'm not an academic, but I sometimes play one on the Internet. I am a hobbyist scientist and many of the things I work on leave me often consuming scientific papers."He rarely has trouble gaining access to the documents he needs because "my social circle is stuffed full of academics." But he worries that others who aren't as well connected will have trouble getting access to academic research.

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