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Russia Babylon / June 22, 2008
By Team eXiled

They’re looking for us!

As you know, we’ve been fucked over for good in Russia. “Why they done gone ‘n do that?” you ask in your innocent/retarded Deliverance way? Well, we’re too busy hiding from the FSB, so we’ll let our more successful and less-endangered colleagues in the Big Media tell you all about it:

  1. The Nation: The End of the eXile?
  2. International Herald Tribune: Irreverent Moscow expat newspaper shutting down under government pressure
  3. The Wall Street Journal: Raucous Russian Paper Closes Amid Kremlin Scrutiny
  4. Obituary from the Moscow Times: End of The eXile Era
  5. Committee To Protect Journalists: English-language paper closes because of state harassment (CPJ’s site is blocked by Russian ISPs)
  6. Mother Jones: Russian Bureaucrats Smother the World’s Best Alt-Weekly
  7. Fox News: Russian Newspaper Critical of Kremlin Shut Down After Probe
  8. Reuters: Moscow newspaper which mocked the powerful closes
  9. The National: Russia silences tabloid
  10. The Telegraph: Moscow forces expat newspaper to close
  11. UPI: Moscow inspectors frighten eXile investors
  12. Sean’s Russia Blog: eXile Looks to Make Virtual Comeback


  1. Ames writes about it for the Daily Mail: My paper’s been dropped like a polonium-filled potato for poking fun at Putin

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