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Russia Babylon / June 22, 2008

They’re looking for us!

As you know, we’ve been fucked over for good in Russia. “Why they done gone ‘n do that?” you ask in your innocent/retarded Deliverance way? Well, we’re too busy hiding from the FSB, so we’ll let our more successful and less-endangered colleagues in the Big Media tell you all about it:

  1. The Nation: The End of the eXile?
  2. International Herald Tribune: Irreverent Moscow expat newspaper shutting down under government pressure
  3. The Wall Street Journal: Raucous Russian Paper Closes Amid Kremlin Scrutiny
  4. Obituary from the Moscow Times: End of The eXile Era
  5. Committee To Protect Journalists: English-language paper closes because of state harassment (CPJ’s site is blocked by Russian ISPs)
  6. Mother Jones: Russian Bureaucrats Smother the World’s Best Alt-Weekly
  7. Fox News: Russian Newspaper Critical of Kremlin Shut Down After Probe
  8. Reuters: Moscow newspaper which mocked the powerful closes
  9. The National: Russia silences tabloid
  10. The Telegraph: Moscow forces expat newspaper to close
  11. UPI: Moscow inspectors frighten eXile investors
  12. Sean’s Russia Blog: eXile Looks to Make Virtual Comeback


  1. Ames writes about it for the Daily Mail: My paper’s been dropped like a polonium-filled potato for poking fun at Putin

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