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eXile Classic / June 19, 1997
By Edward Limonov

Limonov Files

The world has two extremely opposite opinions about them: 1. The destiny of Jewish tribe is terrible tragedy. It is exceptionally tragical. The Jews are martyrs of History. They are persecuted by non-Jews.
2. The Jews are ruling the world with their enormous accumulations of money. Non-Jews are vampirised by them.

In 1997 prevailing first opinion. In the beginning of 20th Century have had prevailed the second. But what they really are, Jews?

Jews were first strange exotical Oriental minority who have conquered Europe. Not with a sword, but with a strong minority group discipline, with collective will and talent. With a gold, what they gained by collective will and talent.

Hate of Jews. Basically it is hate of successful minority group with a strange religion and bizarre habits. Asiatical tribal collective proved to be much more efficient, than European individualism. Hate of Jews is in fact form of jealousy, they are hated because they are prosperous and bizarre. Fate of Pakistan minority in London is modeled after Jewish fate. Owners of vegetable and groceries stores (numerous family works in it 24 hours per day) “Paks” hated by the white trash of London and by the low-middle class. Financial success of Caucasians (Azeris, Georgians) in Russia made them objects of general hate of Russians. Their tanned skin and passionate arrogance of habitants of south made them visible objects of hate.

Accusation of domination of the entire world. Russian archaical anti-Semite looks like an admirer of Jew. For him the world is subject to a mean, enormous evil, almost God-like figure of a mighty Jew.

Yes, Jews know how to make money. It is a lot of money in Jewish pockets over the world. But they never ever had all the money. In today’s world, domination is exercised by many national, social, idealogical and professional groups. Arab oil money, China’s communist money, Japanese computer/electronics money, multinational corporations money, narcomoney are as powerful, or even more powerful than Jewish money.

Jewish talents, their “Golden Brains.” There is probably no more number of talented people among the Jews, than among “goyims,” but Jews taught their offsprings how to develop their talents. Jews highly prize education. “The knowledge is might!” is their national slogan. Jewish family force its children to learn.

Jewish mothers are best in world. My Russian mother, when first met my beautiful lover (later my wife) Elena, have said to me: “She is too good for you!” On a contrary, no woman is tood enough for Jewish mother’s son. My mother scornfully laughed at my young man’s poetry. MOther of my school friend Jew Yuri Kopissarov always blamed the world for his misfortunes. Her “Yurotchka” for her was a spotless. “The Knowledge is might!” have proclaimed hudnreds times per day the Jewish mothers to their offsprings. 97% of Russian Jews emigrated to United States have university diplomas.

Jewish young women are very good in bed. And they have brains, that is as attractive as pussy.

Jewish soldiers. Until beginning of WWII it was generally believed that Jews are nation of merchants and bankers, but lousy soldiers. But in 1948, 1967, in 1973 Jews showed themselves able, determined fighters. Yes, they have super-equipped, rich armies, but they fight for themselves.

Genocide. More terrible in numbers annihiliation in Modern History than Holocaust tragedy have undergone American Indians. Some sources put numbers of Indians killed by European immigrants as high as 18 million. Genocide of Armenians in 1915 by Turks took 1.5 million lives. But only Jews have had an energy to publicize its national tragedy all over the world and make some moral profit of it.

Jewish secret of success. No mystery. “The Knowledge is might!” plus tribal Asian collective always wins against European individualism. As well Sicilian Mafia-highly disciplined tribal minority wins over loose Italian modern democracy.

Natural Racism. Negative trait of Jewish mentality is their self-isolationsim, distance that they put between themselves and others. Natural arrogance is born of the fact that during the fifty centuries they were voluntarily strangers, first in Roman Empire, then in Europe. To succeed, they should stay a strong, homogeneous group. Assimilation, they know that, would weaken them. Jewish megalomania is born out of isolationism. Chosen by God they are. Jewish megalomania is only comparable with megalomania of homosexual tribe (Jews believe Columbus was Jew, homosexuals that Alexander the great was gay, etc.). Some Jews exercising self-love as a masturbator, they are in love with “himself.”

Future of Jews. As a hated group Jews are loosing its importance in the world. They are dethroned in England by Pakistanis and blacks, in Russia by Caucasians, Chechens and Azeris in particular. According to the poll, conducted in Russia by the World Jewish Congress, only 4% of Russian respondents said they dont’ want to live on the slame floor with a Jews; comparable with 89% for Chechens, and about 68% for Azeris. Jews are no more actuality.

Nowadays Jews are also undergone modern corrosion. Mixed marriages, mild or even Jewish love climate of the United States and Europe made them soft. Absence of hatred disarms them. One day they will take ordinary place among nations.

Edward Limonov is an author and poet whose works have been translated into several languages, including Hebrew. He is the leader of the extremist National-Bolshevik Party, and has been accused by some of being a fascist and anti-Semite. Limonov has also been the target of violence. Last Saturday, the headquarters of his National-Bolshevik party was bombed.

This article was published in issue #10 of The eXile, June 1997.

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  • 1. Carpenter  |  April 26th, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    Yes, criticism of Jews is all about envy. It certainly has nothing to do with Jewish domination of American media, and the media push for mass immigration that even Jewish leaders themselves admit to undertaking.

  • 2. jake  |  April 27th, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    One of the best things about this new exiled format is that even some fucking nobody can have the first and last word on an article by the great Limonov.

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