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Russia / Visual Aid / August 14, 2008
By Yasha Levine

Today, August 14, Dmitri Medvedev celebrates 100th day as President of the Russian Federation. What conclusions can be made about the new president? Well, not many. Other than the fact that Medvedev is trying really, really hard to be the best protege he can be. Sure, he’s a little shorter, a little meeker and much less manlier than his mentor, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t trying his best. And as one Russian newspaper points out, he’s not doing too bad of a job, either.

See how he’s holding up to Putin’s patented muzhik ruling style:

Exhibit A: Medvedev doing the Putin swagger

Exhibit B: Medvedev still mastering the Putin talking-point finger

Exhibit C: Medvedev’s near perfect imitation of the bored Putin slouch and hand fidget

Exhibit D: Medvedev’s still got a ways to go until he masters the Putin man grip

Exhibit E: Medvedev’ got the casual Putin shades look down pat, albiet in  brighter, more liberal tones

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