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Broke the Koch Brothers' Takeover of America
Anatomy of a Libertard: Will Wilkinson And the Koch-Funded Nomenklatura

Will Wilkinson: Libertard With Sadditude Ever since Yasha and I first broke the story about the Koch brothers financing the Tea Party Campaign in February of 2009, I’ve been wondering: Have all those billions that the Brothers Koch invested into their…

October 3rd, 2010 | Comments (69)

Exiled Bullshit Alert! Who Is "Nick Newcomen"? Answer: An Ad Agency Campaign Paid For By Libertarian Foundation Money...According To Which "Nick Newcomen" Is An Overaged Ayn Rand Groupie With The Face Of A Sexual Predator, Who Spent 30 Days [Cuz He Can't Hold A Day Job] Driving 12,000 Miles Around America [On Government-Funded Roads] Marking A Giant "Read Ayn Rand" On [Government-Invented] GPS, Posting The Satellite View On The [Government-Invented] Internet...Thanks To PR Releases, "Nick Newcomen" Gets Picked Up By Wired, ABC News...We At The eXiled Call Bullshit: Nick Newcomen, If You Are A Real Person With No Financial Ties To The Libertarian Nomenklatura, Prove It To Us, And You Can Take Over The eXiled Online For A Day And Publish All The Ayn Rand Drivel Your Freakish Randroid Brain Can Pump...Meanwhile, Exiled Readers: The First Person Who Can Identify The Sex Offender Claiming To Be "Nick Newcomen" Will Win A Free Signed Copy Of A Rare Exile Newspaper Plus $120 Dollars (1 Penny For Every Mile Nick Newcomen Drove To Paint "Read Ayn Rand")...

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