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Genre films are beginning to creep back into theaters after the big parade of Oscar-contenders—praise be to God—and one of them, a little actioner called Taken, is now tops at the box-office and deserves a quick hosanna.

(Not that the Oscar nominees aren’t an exciting topic too. Oh golly no. I’ve been meaning to write all about them and somehow just haven’t gotten around to it. After all, what could be more riveting than making a case for which heart-tugging spectacle should win Best Picture, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or Slumdog Millionaire? Or wondering whether Meryl Streep even has room in her bathroom for another Oscar? Stars all keep their awards in their bathrooms, see, to show how joshy and down-to-earth they are! It’s fascinating!)

Taken is a short, punchy B-movie, countering the ever-longer and more brooding big-budget action spectacles we’ve been seeing for a while now (the Bournes, the Bonds, the Batmans).


February 1st, 2009 | Comments (16)