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Quick question: why the fuck are Democrats boasting that they kept their mouths shut and their hands folded on their knees during every crazed speech Bush gave, unlike that bad ol’ Confederate Joe Wilson? Is that something the Dems should be proud of? If anything, Wilson’s outburst should make Democrats flush their own heads down the nearest toilet in shame for being such spineless pieces of shit right at the time that America needed an opposition most–a noisy, vicious, unpredictable opposition–to save the nation, us, and our grandchildren. Instead, they were polite, and they’re still proud of how polite they were. Do Democrats realize that by not having a tenth of Joe Wilson’s balls or the Tea Baggers’s fanaticism, that they enabled Bush to destroy the US military in two idiotic wars, and destroy the economy through plunder? What’s to be proud of? This is exactly why it’s so hard to be on the side of Democrats: they see what a real opposition looks like–ugly, frightening, unpredictable, breaking the rules– and they have this appalled Polite Society reaction, like a Southern Belle with white gloves on going, “Why I nevuh in all my life,” as if politics is a country club rather than a battlefield. (more…)

September 10th, 2009 | Comments (45)