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Mass psychosis?

So by now you’ve probably heard something about this election that happened on Tuesday. There seemed to be a whole hoo-ha about it, people hugging and high-fiving in the streets, international rejoicing, everybody laughing and crying and gibbering. In an elated frenzy, a friend of mine e-mailed me marveling how great it is not to be living in Dumbfuckistan anymore.

That’s how I knew the whole thing must be phony, just the kind of tall tale a delusional nation might tell itself as it finally slipped over the edge into mass psychosis. So the story is we all got together, we the people, and elected the very best person running for president, did we? The one who didn’t look like an Orc? The apparently intelligent, seemingly decent one who talked in mellifluous complete sentences and appeared calm and reasonable? AND he’s black?


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