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The War Nerd / May 22, 2009


Kandy Man with long name who fought the Brits.

Key fact: in Sri Lanka heroes were allowed to get fat, another reason to like the place.

You see some pretty sick stuff when you do my job, but I just read something sicker than any Congo cannibal buffet. It’s an article by a posh little limey named Jeremey Brown condemning the Sri Lankan government for being too messy in putting down the LTTE, and demanding that we stop buying the cheap textiles the poor Sinhalese make their living churning out.

What’s sick about this is that the British establishment destroyed the Sinhalese people completely. Completely and purposely, sadistically. Stole their land, humiliated and massacred their government, made it Imperial policy to erase every shred of self-respect the Sinhalese had left.  You can talk about the Nazis all day long, but for my money nothing they did was as gross as what you find out when you actually look into the history of British-Sinhalese relations. If you can even call them “relations”; I guess a murder-rape is a relation, sort of.

But nobody knows about it. Weird, huh? Nothing weirds me out more than the total news blackout the Brits have managed to put on all the sick shit they did to brown and black people all over the world. They had a system, and it worked. They’d grab some paradise island in the tropics, use the Royal Navy to wall it off from the rest of the world, and crush the local tribe. If the locals resisted, the Brits would starve them to death, shoot them down, infect them with smallpox or get them addicted to opium–whatever they had to do to gang-rape the locals so bad that they’d lose the will to resist.

And to this day, they don’t catch even a little bit of Hell for it. Everybody thinks the Brits are all cute and harmless. You’re all a bunch of suckers for those suave accents, you suckers! The truth is that compared to the Brits, the Nazis you’re always yammering about were a gang of eighth-grade stoners who ran around spraypainting swastikas on school property. The Nazis lasted one decade; the Brits quietly ran their extermination programs for three hundred years, and to this day they wouldn’t even think of feeling guilty about it. Wouldn’t cross their minds.

That’s what made me want to puke battery acid when I read Mister Jeremy Brown’s sermon on the naughty Sinhalese: this pig Brown has no clue about why Sri Lanka is so fucked up, no hint at all that it’s the result of British Imperial policy. Not “mistakes” or “a few bad apples” or “regrettable excesses” but clear, cold, ruthless British policy.

One of the funniest bits in Brown’s little Anglican sermon to the Sinhalese is when he mentions Arthur C. Clarke, the Brit sci-fi writer who moved to Sri Lanka. The reason that’s funny is that a few years back, when he was too senile and drunk to watch his tongue, Clarke admitted in an interview that the whole reason he moved to Sri Lanka is “for the boys.” As in, he liked to rape little boys, and they were cheap and pretty in the dear old ex-colony. The fucking Brits wouldn’t stop raping the Sinhalese even after their troops were forced off the island.

Jeremy Brown wouldn’t know that, of course. To him, Clarke is a wonderful example of all the wonderful things British people have done for po’ little Sri Lanka:

“Britain has…helped to rebuild Sri Lanka’s tourist industry: Britons accounted for 18.5 per cent of the foreigners who visited the former colony’s famous beaches, wildlife parks, tea plantations and Buddhist temples last year. Only India sends more tourists. Many Britons also own property there, especially around the southern city of Galle, not far from where Arthur C.Clarke, the British science fiction writer who settled in Sri Lanka, used to love to scuba dive. [Is that what they’re callin’ it these days? GB]

So the question facing British shoppers and holidaymakers is this: should they continue to support Sri Lanka’s garment and tourist industries?

Don’t you love that last sentence: “Sadly, the answer must be no.” Anybody who can write a sentence like that without blowing his brains out at the monitor is a hopeless twit anyway, but let’s help Jeremy out a little bit, folks, let’s go back in time and take a quick look at all the wonderful things the Brits did for these rotten, ungrateful Sinhalese.

The pattern you see in the colonizing of Sri Lanka is a real familiar one, if you study the European naval empires: the Portugese, the greatest sailors and explorers, came to Sri Lanka long before the Brits, claimed the place, but couldn’t hold on to it. The Portugese lost the island to the Dutch, those up’n’coming Protestant go-getters, in the mid-1600s. That’s another pattern you see everywhere, the old Papist powers losing out to the Protestants, who were just faster and smarter.

The next stage was also totally by the book: the Brits, the canopy tree if you know what I mean, come along and force the Dutch out. There were times the Brits sort of liked the Dutch; they were Protestant, at least, and blonde/blue-eyed. But business was business, and the Brits realized, by the end of the 1700s, that Sri Lanka was worth taking. Of course they didn’t say that in public; the official reason was that they had to boot the Dutch to guard the island from the nasty radical Frenchies.

That way of stealing islands, making it sound like you had to take them for the greater good–that was classic Brit strategy. They always made it look like they were forced, against their will, to grab this or that colony. I dunno if y’all ever saw a movie called Erik the Viking, but it has a great scene with John Cleese playing this insane bloodthirsty warlord who orders people tortured to death in this tired, disappointed upper-class voice, and then whines, “It’s the stress that gets you”–all put upon and harrassed, like Attila the Hun meets The Office.  That’s a perfect image for the way the Brits booted the Dutch out of Ceylon, tsk-tsking while they stole every shed, cannon and bale of tea on the island.

With the Dutch trade rivals gone, the Brits had only one problem left: the damned natives, the Sinhala, or “Kandyans” as they were called back then. That dumb name, “Kandyans,” came from the fact that their main city was Kandy, up in the highlands in the south of the island, the fat part of the teardrop. The Sinhala lived in the highlands for the simple reason that it was a little cooler, not as totally malarial, up there compared to the stinking coastal marshes.

By all accounts, the Sinhala/Kandyans were harmless slackers, who didn’t need or want much from the outside world. All they asked was for people to leave them alone up on their big rocky highlands to do their Buddhist thing. Unfortunately that wasn’t British policy. It irked the redcoats that Kandy still had a king, an army, all this impudent baggage that went with independence. The British decided to break the Sinhalese completely, crush the whole society.

You have to remember that by this time, the early 1800s, the Brits have perfected their techniques in little experiments all over the world. Those Clockwork Orange shrinks were amateurs compared to the Imperial Civil Service. They had dozens of ways of undermining native kingdoms.

British administrators were trained to do a kind of rough, quick sociological sketch of the natives, get a sense of the fault lines and then figure out how to exploit them. The Brits saw fast that the Kandyans were a sluggish bunch of people divided into rigid castes in the classic subcontinent pattern. That made it easy: the Brits made two big castes their official pets and shunned the others, setting up a violent hate between different parts of Sinhalese society. That guaranteed that if the diehard Sinhalese/Kandyan nationalists ever revolted, the teacher’s-pet castes would have a good selfish reason to help massacre them.

Then there was the Kandyan king himself. The Brits weren’t dumb in the way Paul Bremer was dumb, “de-Baathifying” Iraq. They loved corrupt local rulers. Much easier and cheaper to bribe one fat old degenerate on a throne than negotiate with all the commoners. So the Brits started playing with the nervous, dumb-ass Kandyan royals, scaring them with the threat of losing everything and then teasing them with the possibility of the safe, soft life of a Brit puppet.

This was the major leagues of Colonialism. To give you an idea of how important Ceylon/Sri Lanka was back then, try this on: in 1802, when French armies were kicking British and Prussian and Italian and Russian ass all over Europe (weird how nobody remembers that, huh?), the Brits were so terrified they tried to give Napoleon all their colonies except Sri Lanka and Trinidad. Those were the two they needed to keep.

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  • 1. Pizza de Oveja  |  June 3rd, 2009 at 6:46 am

    I loved this post. It really captures my impresion about the anglo-saxons and their outright tendency to germanophobia and total distorsion of their history and others. In past years we have being suffering their books from public-funds-hungry anglo saxons that make alternate history about the spanish civil war, the II republic and the Spanish Empire. They write for powerfull media groups and many times they get paid to write what public institutions pay them to write using money shyponed from taxes. Great things like that the popular front was democratic or my favourite, that the spanish empire never really existed.

    We yet saw another nazi the badguys movie to appear on cinemas, like if we really needed one more.
    From Jewish studio owners back in the old days to arm-chair-limo-marxists today, Im really tired of watching the same thing over and over again, movies about how bad the nazi’s were extending that to anything rightwing. I would recomend reading a bit about the anglo-american terrorist bombing of europe(full of memos from people in the air forces like: “well ‘if it has to be total war’ we might as well make it as horrible as posible”), or the great pyre that the comunists turned eastern europe into (read Gotterdammerung 1945: German’s Last Stand in the East by Russ Schneider, hard to get but it is really a must read).

    Would definetly like to see one movie, just one about that!..or the concentration camps that the brits had in the boers war, the “liberation” of cuba and the philiphines from the opresive spanish rule by the USA, the opium war, the “comerce interdiction” they did for centuries stealing Spain comerce many time without even the excuse of being at war (they even took the candle holders from churches the last time they visited cadiz), the fact that we often found british in otoman galleys in the mediterranean, the way they financed whoever country would fight against france and/or spain to maintain the “balance of power”…and a big-big-big etc…A movie about Cecil Rhodes comes to mind.

    But I guess as long as those guys pay for movies we’ll continue seeing pirates of the caribean or any other pirate movies, in which the pirates are robin hoods and sexy ex-underwear models, the spanish are either aristocrat ruthless or demi-monkeys (like in Ryan books which doesnt at all try to hide the racial prejudice characteristic of them), and the east india company is run by a ruthless bad guy that acted unilateraly and that in the end gets what he deserved(that not being made the top dog in India and knighood).

    I remember Gary’s glorious words that apply: “the victors only look barbaric to the guys they defeat while they see them slaughtering their village”.

    Although I aknoledge the extra-huge power of propaganda and history-fiction books that pass as history books, I think that it really deserves a study how they did manage to hide the truth that they were most of the times the bad guys (to use a retard term)even to the people they stole from and massacre.

    Goebels is really an aprendice compared with these guys.

  • 2. Big Orange  |  June 4th, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    If we Brits have it easy, how come English people are disproportionately the villains in the majority of fiction? If not English then New English or of course German.

    And it is piss easy to demonize the Nazis as supervillains if they systematically murdered 11 million at the stroke of a pen, while having skulls/eagles/lightning bolts/swastikas/crosses/bars/targets on their grey/black uniforms with high caps or hooded helmets and black leather boots with black leather gloves. It makes a lasting impression.

    And if Britain didn’t fuck up Sri Lanka, it would’ve been another set of imperial bad guys operating out of either India, China, Korea, or Japan. And not to exonorate the British/Austrialins of mistreating indiginous Australians, I doubt they would be around now if East Asians landed on their shores.

  • 3. Well Duh!  |  June 4th, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    This article brilliantly points out that the probelm with the British isn’t merely that the Brits did bad stuff in the past, but that they continue to do so TODAY! Same exact tactics. Under the guise of “Democracy” the Brits promote blatant racism. It’s interesting how in every country where “Democracy” enters, riots and cessions take place. When the Soviet Union fell and became “Democratic” – the USSR split into several countries, and then countries within countries, be it Transnistria within Moldova or South Ossetia within Georgia. Exact same case with Yugoslavia. Attention Brits and Anglos: please take your fucking “Democracy” and shove it up your ass. And keep shoving it till it hurts.

    Let’s take a look at the Troubled Spots. Well there’s Al Qaeda in Pakistan. Al Qaeda came from the Taliban that was CIA equipped and Pakistan was part of British India. Trouble in the Middle East over the Balfour Declaration, yup that’s the one with Israel and Pakistan – want to guess who made that one? The Brits. “But the Jews had to go somewhere!” True. But how hard is it to draw straight lines? Take a look at how the Brits divided up the area – it was done in a manner to provoke warfare.

    Basically what the Brits used to do, and what the Neocons are doing, is you make two tribes fight and then ridicule the winning tribe, (unless it’s the tribe you like) for “Barbarism” – as in “those poor, poor Albanians in Kosovo, getting massacred by the Serbs, let’s use Uranium and bomb Serbia into submission!”

    Here’s an example: “Damn you Russians! I mean the Georgians fired at you, and you fired back! Bastards!” That’s pretty much the line of all the articles written on the Ossetian War. Also, most of them say “Russia broke International Law” – without pointing which part Russia broke. It’s really convient to charge someone of a crime, without saying what the crime is! Snap, Russia’s busted!

    Or take Kosovo. You really think the Brits are dumb enough to realize that it wouldn’t set a precedence? Of course they did, but they wanted the dumb Russians to take the fall. Too bad the Russians turned out to be not so dumb, and actually won the war, scoring a Total Victory.

    Another case of “Democracy” – the Ukraine vs. Belarus. Both had an equal standard of living when the USSR fell, Ukraine’s was slightly higher. So “Democracy” was introduced in Ukraine, but not in Belarus. Standard of living in Ukraine went down, but the standard of living in Belarus went up. And that’s according to Western Data. Now Ukraine the “Democracy” has more whores per capita then the rest of the World, cause young women cannot find jobs and they gotta eat.

    And that’s why Putin is hated. He kicked “Democracy” out of Russia, stabilized the country, improved the lives of citizens, (Russians love Putin cause he gave them the highest living standard they’ve ever had) and invested in infrastructure and culture of Russia. Gorbachev and Yeltsin each comitted at least twice as much atrocities as Putin. But they wrecked the country, turning it into subsistent slave camp, enabling certain people to get rich, so they’re loved.

    It’s interesting how in every single place that “Democracy” enters, racial hatreds and wars erupt. So to end my post: LB and the rest of Anglos, take your “Democracy” and shove it, and keep on shoving it till it hurts and then shove it some more.

  • 4. Russell  |  June 5th, 2009 at 11:05 am

    The fact is the brits are the
    1.The worst offenders of human rights in our recent history
    2. They are the only ones who got away 4 the moment without paying the DUE
    3. The Nazis compared to Brits & the queen +
    co are rather like ” mis behaved bunch of kids, in a summer school, despite the crimes they commited
    4. British media mafia has so far manage to
    hide the truth & keep on a low profile
    5. Brits are 1st ever country OFFICIAL DRUG traffickers in the world ( selling Opium to chinese, hense “opium war”
    5. Brits are the inventers of the Concentration camps & use it extensivly in South africa & in other countries they went to “develop”.
    6. Brits are only suckers to go to africa & get racist bcuse there are lots of negros!!!
    Its like me going 2 UK & wonder why so many English or pail fuckers in UK !!!!
    7. And the Millband & co has the balls to
    mass with SL about HR,while selling their ” rubbish of Arms & the shit
    LAND ROVERS otherweise no man with a brain
    would buy.
    8. Got beaten ” hands down” in Irak & Afgan
    and running like hell, saying ” we are in over watch positioN”

    9. GB Forigen policy:Say yes 2 any thing what US says
    10. Last but not least insted of Great Britain , the lot has become a GREAT JOKE.
    But its time 2 pay your crimes or shut the fuck up talking NONSENSE ….. U suckers

  • 5. Big Orange  |  June 5th, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    This form of psuedo-Democracy being pushed by Britain and America in recent decades throughout the Second and Third Worlds is really a thin cover for the spread of toxic Neoliberalism (aka Turbo Capitalism) a form of anarchic feudal extortion that has now backfired spectacularily and economically broke the backs of Britain and America as well.

    Democracy is not bad in of itself, but it has been subverted by decidely undemocratic Western billionaires who’ve turned China and India into giant sweatshops while robbing their fellow Westerners blind.

  • 6. Chris  |  June 6th, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    Amen Big Orange.

    One more thing…

    Has there not always been shit – everywhere? Fuck Gary, smoke some hash; crack one off…

  • 7. Jon  |  June 9th, 2009 at 7:23 am

    Interesting that you believe imperialism was a well thought out thing – it wasn’t. In fact, the preferred model by far was to exploit a country for it’s resources without having to use any of our resources to get them – the real reason we colonised many places was to keep up with the other colonial powers economically, and we just turned out to be “better” at it than the rest.

    I don’t know why you think we don’t know about the injustices done by our country – we do.

  • 8. Jon  |  June 9th, 2009 at 7:26 am

    “Well Duh! | June 4th, 2009 at 11:44 pm” –

    you realise of course that the British did NOT want to partition india – it was in-fighting inside india itself that caused that to happen

  • 9. G. Tingey  |  June 10th, 2009 at 2:23 am

    WHat a collection of spiteful and end-of-the 19th Century jealous whining.
    Also untrue.
    First and only example I can be bothered with:
    the Brits were so terrified they tried to give Napoleon all their colonies except Sri Lanka and Trinidad.
    Don’t believe you.

  • 10. Nacha  |  June 10th, 2009 at 4:57 am

    Very true.
    About the “genocide” everybody is so worried about-Open your eyes and look; Tamils live among Sinhalese and Muslims in the rest of the country, sometimes openly supporting the LTTE. When they couldn’t live in the North because LTTE kidnaped children and youth for their baby brigade, Tamils ran away to south-to live among the Sinhalese.
    On the other hand, LTTE terrorists killed Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils who went against them. Villages of Sinhalese were killed. Now that’s what I call genocide; ethnic cleansing.
    Living in a rich western country is the dream of many Asians, specially those who have lived under imperialists. That’s why many Tamils used this civil war as an excuse and got citizenship in western countries. Not because they couldn’t live here. If they really cared for their race and believed the northern part of the island was rightly theirs, they should have remained back in Sri Lanka, joined LTTE and fought. Now they are worried that they may be sent back from their luxury lives.
    People like to believe that minority suffers under majority. It doesn’t happen always. Buddhists have been peaceful and even more than that, lazy. They knew better than illtreating other races. The proof is right here-Tamils and Muslims are among the richest people in the South, in Colombo.

  • 11. Ilona  |  June 10th, 2009 at 10:32 am

    Plain and simple: classic stuff!

    We all have been missing you!

    BTW. If you ever decide to write another book this very subject could be THE one!


  • 12. Ilona  |  June 10th, 2009 at 11:52 am

    Lemme articulalate a bit more more specifically what I ment by THE subject.

    The britts. And their little hobbies here and there and …ing everywhere around the globe.

    That could THE subject.

  • 13. G. Tingey  |  June 10th, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    I repeat, this is spiteful and wrong whining by a very innaccurate reporter …..
    Let’s investigate US colonialism shall we?
    And its cruel and exploitative model.
    I don’t mean straightforward “owning” as in Panama, or the Philippines, where some semblance of a rule of law usually obtained, but those colonies where the US guvmint backed up corrupt and cruel companies.
    Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicuragua, Costa Rica, plus large swathes of S. America.
    AND, it is STILL happening, as recently in Bhopal, or right now in Peru (
    Oh, and how many times has the US interfered in and corrupted Cuba? Which makes one realise just how Fidel, dictator and tyrant that he is, had some large measure of support from a population thoroughly distressed by decades of US-backed oppression – does no-one remember just how nasty the Batista regime was, really?
    There, and all across Central America, criminal hit-squads were sent in to torture and kill and oppress any who dared to resist, with no appeal to laws.
    I call hypocrite upon the author.

  • 14. aleke  |  June 11th, 2009 at 4:16 am

    @G. Tingey

    Awwwwww, did someone strike a nerve? The Brits were the most murderous bunch of scum on earth and you know it. The Americans are just trying to (half-assedly) follow their model. Hell, they even use the same economic weapons the Brits did in their heyday, except now they’re more formal institutions and have catchy names (WTO, World Bank, IMF). Or does this all hurt too much? Hurt enough to make you misuse a simple word like “hypocrite”. Here here, have a nice little movie to dry those tears!

  • 15. slaqdog  |  June 13th, 2009 at 10:49 am

    I think Gary you are a fresno fool if you think that the brits believe their own bullshit, well some do but most simply don’t care ; the brits know full well how the empire was won and kept:the tactic they are using is the classic magicians trick of “look over there!”.With the UK mired in recession its good to point at other people and point out their bad habits; its a classic distraction-“you think we are bad-look at those guys!”
    This tactic to whip up indignation over someone else’s wrong doing worked very well in the US; while the banks were busy stealing everyones money the media was quite happy to chorus “look over there its osama bin laden” (he has simply gotta still be on the cia payroll) while selling ridiculously overpriced houses and shares.
    The hypocracy of the brits? Yes worth pointing out ALL empires do the same “this is gonna hurt but we are doing it for your own good” The US are peddling the same old line in Iraq.
    “bullshit you can believe in” to misquote the man in the white house.
    I also love the fact that the times of london still has this ability to make nerds splutter indignantly into their cheerios-bullshit you can believe in indeed.

  • 16. Expat in BY  |  June 13th, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    Regarding comment…
    103. Well Duh!

    Sorry I didn’t read your comment sooner. I’m very familiar with both the standard of living in both Ukraine and Belarus, and I really have to correct you – Belarus’ standard of living, at least in this day and age, sucks compared to Ukraine’s.

    Granted, the living is more peaceful in Belarus than in Ukraine (whenever someone asks me how I like living here, that is the polite answer I give them). I wouldn’t expect to be robbed here as I was in Kiev. But consumer goods are vastly better in Kiev than in Minsk. Entertainment options are more numerous (though that could be a function of population: 2 million in Minsk vs. 3 million in Kiev). And healthcare is at least trying to go post-Soviet south of the border; I fear ever having to use the local hospital here in Belarus, Belgostrakh coverage or not.

    The comparison between the number of whores from Ukraine and from Belarus I have no reliable statistics on. Granted Ukraine has a greater reputation for providing “paid companionship” but they also have five times the amount of population. Despite Belarus being a police state, it still surprises me when leaving Minsk to see the eye-candy hitchhikers searching for “a ride”; they seem to vanish about 30 minutes out of the city.

    So as to the argument that democracy messes up a standard of living based on the results of Belarus and Ukraine, I’d say that there is a gross problem with your “Western Data”. Also you ignore the fact that Ukraine will continue to get Western attention and investors (whenever it is the economy will recover) in part because of the open non-visa regime it has with the EU and western countries (most of this openness and resulting Western support is post-Kuchma/Orange Revolution). Belarus might get the same, but only if it follows the EU’s standards for an “open” society. And the way Lukashenko has been playing this in the press, it’s hard to say whether he will allow that to happen, ever (Russian milk boycott or not).

    As with any of the former Soviet states, in both Ukraine and Belarus it’s not really about whether you are pro-Moscow or pro-West. It’s about keeping your turf intact. That’s the way it is in Georgia, in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltics, or any of the whole lot.

    That Russia (more specifically Putin) hasn’t learned to play with this any better than it has shows it to be a rank amateur compared to the British in India about 150 years ago. But maybe I’m being unfair – Russia has only had sober leadership for the past nine years. What was the length of time between the Battle of Plessy and the advent of the British Raj?

  • 17. Athammaus  |  June 23rd, 2009 at 5:39 am

    “History’s so much simpler, more elegant and exciting if premises like “humans are scum” sit right under the surface. ”

    Like much of H. P. Lovecraft’s writing

  • 18. MD  |  June 29th, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    America should never forget that in a fight they should always have a Brit or Colonial on their side – especially Brits who are just tough, for them a good night out is 10 pints, a curry and a fight – not necessarily in that order!

  • 19. Random Englander  |  September 1st, 2009 at 5:56 am

    Who says the English don’t know about our murderous past? Who says we go around acting all high and mighty? I’ve always found England to be very apologetic about our past. So you found one asshole in denial who says otherwise, big deal. Most are aware of what we did. If we criticize America now, that makes sense, as you are going around killing people (though hopefully with a president swap that will change).

  • 20. CrazySetting  |  September 3rd, 2009 at 2:11 am

    Random Englander | September 1st, 2009 at 5:56 am

    The people who suffered and still suffer do.

    Hmz, like lecturing Sri Lanka? Milliband and Brown trying to save your Tamil terrorist pets? (He flew in personally to have the whole leadership flown to safety). After all Tamils have been your loyal hit force against those nasty Buddhists who refuse to bow to the Queen.

    Their terrorist networks and money for their war campaign against the Sinhalese comes right out of Her Majesties Government (and subsidiaries e.g. Canada, Australia etc). Every suicide bomb, train bomb, bus bomb, destruction of Buddhist temples and people since the 70s has been planned and materials provided for by Tamils given shelter in Britain.

    Continuing the policy of oppression mentioned in this article, while pretending to be “Mr. Neutral”!!

    When the Sinhalese defend themselves from the violence you are perpetrating against them you lecture them on Human Rights!

    Then why do you lecture Sri Lanka still?

    Hypocrisy again! How can you citizen them when you tag along with them ever they go? Trying to “re-live” the good ‘ole days of ruining er “running” the world and have every one bow at your feet again? Must feel good.

  • 21. CrazySetting  |  September 3rd, 2009 at 2:14 am

    119. Random Englander | September 1st, 2009 at 5:56 am

    “Who says the English don’t know about our murderous past? ”

    The people who suffered and still suffer do.

    “Who says we go around acting all high and mighty? ”

    Hmz, like lecturing Sri Lanka? Milliband and Brown trying to save your Tamil terrorist pets? (He flew in personally to have the whole leadership flown to safety). After all Tamils have been your loyal hit force against those nasty Buddhists who refuse to bow to the Queen.

    Their terrorist networks and money for their war campaign against the Sinhalese comes right out of Her Majesties Government (and subsidiaries e.g. Canada, Australia etc). Every suicide bomb, train bomb, bus bomb, destruction of Buddhist temples and people since the 70s has been planned and materials provided for by Tamils given shelter in Britain.

    Continuing the policy of oppression mentioned in this article, while pretending to be “Mr. Neutral”!!

    When the Sinhalese defend themselves from the violence you are perpetrating against them you lecture them on Human Rights!

    “I’ve always found England to be very apologetic about our past. So you found one asshole in denial who says otherwise, big deal. Most are aware of what we did.”

    Then why do you lecture Sri Lanka still?

    “If we criticize America now, that makes sense, as you are going around killing people (though hopefully with a president swap that will change).

    Hypocrisy again! How can you citizen them when you tag along with them ever they go? Trying to “re-live” the good ‘ole days of ruining er “running” the world and have every one bow at your feet again? Must feel good.

  • 22. Ram2009  |  October 11th, 2009 at 12:12 am

    You are no doubt referring to Jeremy Page, who writes articles from somewhere in SE Asia after having been ejected unceremoniously from the airport. The British behaviour in Kandy from 1815 – 1818 is not something that is taught to the British kids. Jeremy and some politicians in Britain are of the same mindset as the 1815 crowd, and would be well advised to read about that bit of history.

  • 23. p6867  |  December 12th, 2009 at 9:56 am

    researching this kind of topic is very hard, as the brits made a very serious effort to wipe it all out.

  • 24. Eren  |  January 24th, 2010 at 11:04 am

    OK Rick, here we go. Brace yourself, I’m about to see if your thickly armoured skull can be penetrated.

    1. Paper was invented by the Chinese. Not by any Western civilization. Way to embarass yourself there.

    2. You say I make you sick. I’m assuming by this you mean that all non-westerners are so uncivilized and savage that they nausiate the highly intellectual, civilized beings that all undoubtedly Westerners are. Well, let me tell you something: you Westerners LITERALLY make people from other civilizations sick. Did you even read the above article? As Brecher said, one method you Westerners used to destroy a population was to infect their population with smallpox. Just ask the Aztecs. So if you don’t like being sick, well tough luck bitch. Once again, you’ve managed to embarass yourself completely with your moronic arrogance.

    3. You make insults such as ‘take a bath and reduce infant mortality’ as well as other idiotic statements in an attempt to insult me by referring to the fact that non-western civilizations are generally third-world. Well let me tell you something. Firstly, baths didn’t actually originate from any Western civilization. So if you hate non-westerners so much you might as well stop bathing (once again your stupid insult has backfired on you). Secondly, the reason non-Western countries are so technologically and socially retarded is because YOU UNCIVILIZED BARBARIANS DELIBERATELY DESTROYED THEIR SOCIETIES. DID YOU EVEN READ THE ABOVE ARTICLE? HOW IRONIC THAT YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF AND YOUR PEOPLE THE EPITOMY OF CIVILIZATION WHEN YOU EVIDENTLY DON’T EVEN POSSESS THE ATTENTION SPAN TO READ THE ARTICLE YOU ARE COMMENTING ON.

    My mind is overwhelmed by the irony of the fact that even as you try to assert your opinion that Western civilization is above other human civilizations, you consistently display your lack of basic intelligence, which is the greatest form of civilization itself. I would continue responding bit by bit to everything else you have said to me, but there is no need to. All I have left to say is this.

    Thank you for proving my point.

  • 25. Nell  |  February 5th, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    The 1848 “rebellion” (how cute) was worse. The British order was “kill every male above the age of 8”.

    200,000 people were killed, taking into account the population at the time it was a genocide. The educated and leadership class of the Senkadagala Sinhalese (“Kandy” as the British called it) was lost. A generation was wiped out. The effects of which are felt to this day.

    Family names which existed for 2,000 years are now gone.

    To add insult the British used imported Tamils as the military force to carry this massacre out. And late millions more loyal, subservient, effeminate Tamils (as the British described them) were imported into “dilute up” the population to make the demographics more favourable in order to prevent future challenges to British control (this is how the British maintained “peace”). The surviving Sinhalese kicked out of their ancestral lands were thrown into poverty with the Tamils and British sitting on it.

    It is why the Eastern province of Sri Lanka for example forms part of the “Tamil majority area/Tamil homOland” as they claim even though this gigantic province is not even populated.

    You will find the Tamil population concentrated in and around Trinco and in Baticola town. The inner areas of the province, aka the whole thing is EMPTY of Tamils.

    The Tamils in East are a batch who were “rewarded” for their services to the British with settlement in the East, its why they are so concentrated in one spot like someone dumped them there, the inhabitation pattern is so unnatural, especially for a squabbling lot claiming they have been in said area for 2,000 years (a load of balderdash).

    I’m a Moor and IMO Sinhalese get a lot of stick for nothing. You should see the way Tamils are treated in Malaysia or India. Malays and North Indians do not tolerate any political dissent from Tamils especially. They banned Tamil political parties that advocated any form of civil disobedience and sedition (i.e. in the 50s and 60s that meant ALL of them), let alone an armed struggle as in the case of Sri Lanka where they were allowed to run amok under the tag of “democracy”, “dissent” and look what happened, AND still these Tamil separatists parties are allowed to advocate their racist belly aching nonsense right at this moment. Only place where a bunch of tarts calling death on the majority community have such ridiculous levels of immunity in the name of “democracy”. Imagine a minority political party calling all white people in Canada/US/UK to “submit” to them being given entry to Parliament and access to international forums and other perks paid for by the same Government and people they want crushed? Would that be allowed under “democracy”?

  • 26. CrazySetting2.0  |  February 5th, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Why does the West, espiecally EU back Tamilia? Its history history: Tamils were imported in to Sri Lanka by Europeans as indentured labourers, a military force to subjugate Sinhalese with and a tool to alter demographics to dilute up the then hostile anti-Western Sinhala population with its own proud civilisation, values and culture that was far purer with pro-Western Tamil lackeys so governing Sri Lanka would be easier. Lest we forget the slaughters and conversions of Sinhala Buddhists since 1505. The worst being in 1818 and 1848 by the “holiest” of Human Rights crusaders: the British. Today under the guise of human rights they are doing what they did since 1815, using Tamils to fight and crush Sinhala Buddhists to ensure their dominance and economic and geopolitical interests. The bulk of the Tamils today in the Jaffna Peninsula (Yapnapura) were brought in by the Dutch to cultivate Tobacco. Tamils in the East were originally settled there by the British as a “reward” for killing Sinhalese in 1818 and 1848 hence why the gigantic Eastern province (made so when the British drew it on the map to punish Sinhalas and the Senkadagala Kingdom) has a Tamil “majority” which is amazingly enough concentrated in Baticalo town, not spread out. The bulk of Tamils in the Wanni jungle are in fact Tamils from the plantations moved their by the Norwegian NGO “Redd Barna” back in the 1960s to subvert the Sirimavo-Shastri Pact back originally designed to send Tamils in the central province back to their homeland of Tamil Nadu in India. Instead Norway intervened (no surprise there) gave them lunch packets to last 2 days, hired a train and sent them into the jungles of the Wanni in the middle of the night. Funnily enough they then became part of the so called “Sri Lankan Tamils” who we have just spent the last 30 years fighting, when not only are they NOT unique to Sri Lanka, but were treated like dirt by the racist chauvinistic Jaffna Tamils. Same Jaffna Tamils who are to this day drunk on power, racism and supremacy their European masters had inoculated them with against Sinhala Buddhist people that they want to return to the British apartheid system of governance where Tamils were favoured, privileged and buttressed ahead of non-Tamils for simply being Tamil. The idea of being on an equal platform to people they viewed as inferior, as has been the case since 1948, is something they find hard to stomach. It is the loss of these privileges and power that Jaffna Tamils called “discrimination” and started a war against Sinhalese with (dragging in the other relatively peaceful Tamils communities who they themselves systemically oppressed and discriminated on class, caste and language and then excused their behaviour to fellow Tamils by blaming the Sinhala boogie man as always). The last 30 years of Tamil induced brutal violence, and 60 years of Tamil induced political agitation and uncertainty were all in fact a manifestation of Tamil greed, hunger for power, desire for apartheid and suppression of non-Tamils human rights.

  • 27. Simon_Jester  |  May 26th, 2010 at 7:42 am

    The only point I disagree with here is the claim that the British were actually worse about these things than the Nazis were.

    That’s not meant to detract from the horrors of what the *British* did, though. The point is that the Nazis started doing, or trying to do, all the same things the British did.

    For example, we know the Brits used foreign troops from one country to crush opposition to their rule in another. The British did this *all the time,* as Mr. Brecher explains with the example of the Malays in Sri Lanka. As he puts it: “Left in peace, Malays could be trouble–a proud, warlike people. So by sending them to die in Sri Lanka, you’re diverting all that young, angry Malay blood away from SE Asia and using it to bleed Kandy (bleed Kandy–I like that!). Two birds, one bloodsoaked stone.”

    Then he goes on: “You see why I get impatient with you gullible suckers yammering about the fucking Nazis? The Nazis were retards… compared to the Brits, the scariest motherfuckers ever to butt-fuck the planet.”

    And yet the Nazis did the same damn thing. For example, they raised units of non-German foreigners, put them in the SS, and sent them off to fight the Russians. After making their ally Italy dependent on them for supplies and military advisors, they used Italian troops to occupy much of Eastern Europe, freeing up Germans for the front. Then they used Eastern European troops to *reinforce* the Germans on the front.

    The Nazis used large numbers of Italian, Romanian, and Hungarian troops as dependent subject-allies against their main enemies, and small numbers of troops drawn from other conquered populations in the same way.

    The only reason the Nazis didn’t become famous for doing this kind of thing is that they lost so quickly, because they picked a fight with about three large countries at once, any one of which had enough firepower to hold them off or defeat them.

    -Another example: scorched earth tactics. Mr. Brecher describes the “Wasteland Policy” the British used against the Sinhalese: “Brit-led troops “draining the sea” the Sinhala irregulars swam in by burning every hut, every field, and killing every animal in every village they suspected of harboring “rebels.””

    He goes on: “But they [the British] did it smart, not like the idiot boastful Nazis y’all love to obsess on. I bet every one on the planet can name the Nazi death camps, but I’d be surprised if more than, say, a half dozen people outside Sri Lanka can name the policy the Brits used to destroy the Sinhala for good.”

    Thing is, the death camps were only half the system the Nazis had in mind for destroying the peoples they wanted out of the way. And the flashy, high-profile half at that. The other half was… the Wasteland Policy, pretty much. Their postwar plan was to apply a wasteland policy over *all of Russia,* destroying the Russians as thoroughly as the Australian Aborigines (victims of the British who got it even worse than the Sinhalese did; at least the Sinhalese eventually got their country back to them after the Brits were done crapping all over it).

    But they never got to implement that policy either, because they lost the war. Why did they lose the war? Because they picked a fight with three big countries at once, any one of which could probably have held them off, and any two of which could have flattened them.

    That was their mistake, when it came to playing at imperialism. They were every bit as ruthless as the established masters of ruthlessness, the British. They may even have been a tiny hair worse; they didn’t crush their victims more thoroughly in the time they had, but they damn sure got a start on doing it faster, and made a bigger dent in the first few years than the British did in most peoples *they* oppressed.

    What the Nazis failed at wasn’t lack of ruthlessness; there was no lack of that in their colonial policies. What they failed at was remembering not to bite off more than they could chew.

  • 28. Ruwan Pathirana  |  June 28th, 2010 at 8:09 am

    Do not know how things goes now. But we know that those days British were murders, black hearts. they threw sinhala, tamil babies to sky and shot them. British have that kind of black history. Not everyone and not many. There were good people.
    Past is gone. No more angriness. But please leave us alone.

  • 29. TrangleC  |  January 11th, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    I always get angry when I see British comedians like Rowan Atkinson making jokes about how hell is for Germans and stuff like that.

  • 30. TrangleC  |  January 11th, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    @ Simon_Jester:

    I think you are missing the point here. The point is not that Nazis haven’t been bad, the point is that they haven’t been the only ones who were bad, but are pretty much the only ones who get scolded for what they did.

    And the British are certainly not the least and last when it comes to pointing fingers and throwing the first stone at the Germans, are they?

    Everybody knows what the Germans did, everybody learns about it in school, thousands and thousands of books have been written about it, Germans are still the number one villain of choice in every kind of fiction.
    Nobody remembers or gives a shit about what the Brits did though.
    How many articles like this one can you find in the internet?
    Not many.

    And then you come along and think it is a good idea to write a long comment, once more trying to hide British crimes behind Nazi crimes? In the comment section to the ONE article that makes the point that it is fucked up to always talk about Nazi crimes and totally forgetting and ignoring the crimes of others?

  • 31. Carl  |  February 18th, 2011 at 4:15 am

    Wow, I’m quite impressed by all this. Take standard historical practice, apply it to a civilization that is laden with liberal guilt (that’s what we get for being the best) and then shout loudly about it so people overlook the million dead in Iraq and Afghanistan, thank’s to the US.

    In the past, what do you think happened when a city fell to its attackers? The men were killed, and the women and children enslaved. Everywhere, assuming the entire population wasn’t just butchered out of hand.

    Before ‘human rights’ existed, and they’ve only existed since WWII, this was just standard practice. The people in the city knew it. The people besieging the city knew it.

    You can bleat on about how tragic it all was for the natives, but what the good fuck do you think the natives were doing to each other before the British arrived? You think they were giving each other flowers and hugs?

    No, because it was standard practice to kill the men and enslave the women, guess what, that’s what they did too. Are you going to criticise the Zulus for doing it? Are you going to criticise the Indians for the Kalinga Wars? No? Why not? They did exactly what the British did and they did it on their own.

    The only things that set British civilzation apart from anyone else are these points:

    1. We did it bigger and better than everyone else, with less manpower. You suck.

    2. Abolitionism. That’s right, fuckers, we paid the natives to build railroads and hospitals. Unlike everyone else, who used slaves. Good job, moralisers!

    3. We understood that while assembling a pillar of skulls may make a strong point, its rarely pertinent in the long run. Unlike just about every Eastern civilization in history.

    4. In 1940, we stood alone against the Nazis while the rest of you scratched your arses and thought “perhaps its best to learn German”. So suck it.

  • 32. TrangleC  |  March 23rd, 2011 at 10:43 am

    @ Carl:

    I think you are missing the point. The point is that a big part of this world – including Great Britain – has come to the conclusion that doing such things is very, very bad. Others have been punished for doing it. Was that wrong in your opinion?

    This article is about hypocrisy, not about what was usual and normal in war for the last ten thousand years.

    When you condemn one people for what “they” have done you can not just ignore if your own people have done compareable things.

    And railroads and hospitals are a pretty shitty deal in exchange for being the victim of a genocide. According to your logic the Jews would have to be pretty grateful to the Nazis because they got even more out of the Holocaust in the end than just a few railroads and hospitals.

  • 33. Vis8  |  April 18th, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    Thank you, Mr Brecher! To add a footnote to your article, British (and US, Canada, Australian) members of the parliaments have effectively succumbed to the lure of ‘campaign donations’ (aka terror money) and promised votes of the Tamil expatriates. These expatriates who are living in numbers, as ‘refugees’ are enjoying the greener pastures of what the west has to offer, and are very worried that they will be deported to a now peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka has been caught between this convenient-pairing of the expat Tamils and western politicos’ looking for easy money and votes.

    Sri Lanka needs some honest, righteous persons from the west, to see the reality as it is, and to help them.

    Restructuring after thirty-years of insane terrorism is difficult enough…. but Sri Lanka has achieved the resettlement of at least 95% of the estimated 350,000 civilians displaced due to terror.

  • 34. neil de silva  |  April 18th, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    Vampire Victoria’s children – the blood suckers plunderers, exploiters – the Satan’s progeny. Simple explanation. Paedophiles, mass murderers, serial killers, arsonists, sex maniacs, family drug and alcoholism and family sex, list goes on and on and the Gold medal goes to …. Anglo Saxons. Most commentators seem to be very authoritative about what happened in Sri Lanka about Tamil distorted history – thanks to their friend th WASP. Read ‘Revolt in The Temple’ by Wijewardenas – Lake House Group to have an insite into what really happened in Sri Lanka under the British Yoke. Very little has been written on this topic for obviuos reasons. We who lived there exactly know what happened and unlike others like the Secretary of State without a Penis, we don’t go by Anglo Saxon Propaganda Machine which vomits utter crap, to their advantage, as usual. Not a single younger generation of Anglo will ever admit to the attrocities committed by their elders – this Satanic Race!!!!. Both Tamils and Anglos have few things in common. Talks a lot, lie to get what ever they want, and both intelligent but wisdom at the rear end.

  • 35. Leela  |  April 18th, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Ryunosuke: You referred to Tamils that planted tea as recent imegrants meaning others were home grown.

    You are mistaken for I shall give you just one example. the economic Times of India mentioned of an anecdote of a 77-year-old woman named Janaki Amma who lives in a lower middle class residence about 20 km from Kollam, Kerala. Reminiscing her childhood she is said to have said to Economic Times reporter that her maternal uncle Velupillai is the father of LTTE leader Pirapakaran. And it was Pirapakaran’s grandfather who went to Ceylon during the last century to earn a living.

    Do you want me to write about all those Tamils brought to Ceylon by the Dutch and the British from Keral’s corremander coast to til our soil to grow tobaco for them.

  • 36. neil de silva  |  April 19th, 2012 at 12:56 am

    You can say bad things about Chinese, Russians, Turks, Irish, Koreans, Japanese, Arabs etc. etc. but the moment you say bad things about ENGLISH, well that can’t be right. the writer must be mad!!!! Anglos are very decent, good people. They look after pussy races like Tamils who lick their arses (Sinhalese never did except for some traitors!)- American vulture got into Iraq, Lybia and grabbed their oil (Pentagons official position) now targeting Iranian oil – cripple the country and move in – in the name of freedom, democracy – grab Hambantota harbour in Sri Lanka with the help of Sakkiliyas (Tamils) Go establish the Eelam in Tamil Nadu!!!in India – that is the Homeland for Tamils 60 million bloody Tamil macaroons living there – you demand 2/3rds of SL coastal area for less than 4% of poplulation of Tamils!
    Bloody hell! Go to hell!

  • 37. Nelson  |  April 27th, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    Hats off to you Sir ! You hit the nail on the head [ with a sledge hammer ].

    Thank you for the accurate account and analysis of history of this beautiful Island.

    ” History is also the worst enemy of those who are selfish and greedy. History exposes their deception, fraud and conspiracy.”


    Website :

    Blog :

  • 38. bob  |  June 18th, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    Dolan/brecher- Back to work…The red coats are coming!!!!

  • 39. Home office lk  |  July 28th, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    All you people need to chill out man you all sound like the british home office idiots who got paid to get the terrorist into the country.

  • 40. vis8  |  November 11th, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    This picture speaks a 1000 words:

    “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, 1818”

    Appropriately titled ain’t it?

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