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A.C.A.B. = “All Cops Are Bastards”

The central Athenian neighborhood of Exarchia is the hub of Greek anarchist activity and a major node in the European anarchist network. Part NYC’s Lower East Side and part Copenhagen’s Christiana, it is home to numerous squat communities and reclaimed people’s parks, as well as some of the city’s hippest cafes and bars. The newest of the anarchist community spaces is called Nosotros, which features radical bands and speakers most nights of the week, including figures associated with the Occupy movement such as David Graeber. Since the 2008 murder of a teenage activist in Exarchia, relations between the locals and police have deteriorated to the point where cops generally stay out of the area, limiting their activities to plainclothes monitoring and stop-and-frisks along the perimeter. The quarter is home to a vibrant political street art scene. Below is a small sampling of the tags, stencils, and painted images found on its walls.


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Web-based Social Networking Makes It All the Way To the GULAGS of Nizhny Tagil

Nikolai Usatykh, serving 22 years in Arkhangelsk (or is he just 22 years old?) Twitter may be all the rage here in the United States, but social networking over the World Wide Web has just jumped over a 15-ft. fence…

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Park Your Ship Here: Ukrainian Calendar Girls

Today’s calendar girl collection, newly minted for 2009, comes courtesy of Kerch Yard, a Ukrainian shipyard in the Eastern Crimean town of Kerch. According to our sources, “kerch” comes from an Old East Slavic word for “throat,” and the town’s…

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Photo Essay: Grrrk Riot Grrls Gnne Wlld

Damn! Who knew that Greek women were so gorgeous! While the dudes look like the anti-globalist hippies of any European country fresh from the set of the The Edukators, the chicks are something else: totally and unexpectedly slamming. Sign us…

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Tyolka Tuesdays: Russia's Virtual Peep Shows

This week on Tyolka Tuesday, we have something totally new. A Russian video sharing website called Smotri (which means “look” in Russian) just launched a new video chat function. It allows people to broadcast a live video feed from their…

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Russia's Luxury Car Trend: the Beluga Bus

They drove like people to whom the motorcar was new. They drove as they walked; and a stream of Tehran traffic, jumpy with individual stops and swerves, with no clear lanes, was like a jostling pavement crowd. —V.S. Naipaul Naipaul…

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Medvedev: "I Just Wanna Be Like Putin"

Today, August 14, Dmitri Medvedev celebrates 100th day as President of the Russian Federation. What conclusions can be made about the new president? Well, not many. Other than the fact that Medvedev is trying really, really hard to be the…

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