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Russia Babylon / Visual Aid / September 2, 2008
By Team eXiled

This week on Tyolka Tuesday, we have something totally new. A Russian video sharing website called Smotri (which means “look” in Russian) just launched a new video chat function. It allows people to broadcast a live video feed from their desktop cameras while chatting with the public via a web instant messenger, sort of like a one-way Skype conversation that anyone can watch. Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Russia’s voyeuristic babes have taken a liking to this nifty service and have turned it into a virtual peep show for the masses overnight, literally. And unlike your local grimy peepshow place, these things are totally free.

These perverted peep shows run the entire tyolka spectrum: from full-on sluts who do full frontal nudity, to shy but sexy girls who flash their breasts but won’t show their face, to bitchy hot teases who won’t get undressed, to lesbo fetishists doing golden shower shows in their living room, to nasty experimentalists pleasuring themselves with assorted vegetables. (There’s also a lot of dudes just sitting and jerking off, but we won’t go there.)

NOTE: For all of you stuck in your offices, this post’s erotic factor has been programmed to increase as you get closer to the end. All the screen shots and video captures were made today at around noon, Moscow time.

Exhibit A: Just another hot young tease who won’t take off her shirt.

Exhibit B: “I am already wet” is the title of this slightly aging moll’s seduction-cast.

Exhibit C: These lesbian nymphets were on for three hours taking orders from the public chat — video

Exhibit D: Yes, this chick is for real and she responds to commands — video

Exhibit E: These beefy tyolkas are killing time before their dudes come over.

Exhibit F: This broadcast is aptly titled: “Will undress.”

Exhibit G: This tyolka is shy, but voluptuously hot.

Exhibit H: Two nasty-loving tyolki perform interpretive slut dance known as “Naughty Rain.”

Exhibit I: This girl’s experimenting with an eggplant — video


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