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What You Should Know / January 12, 2010

amesnegroes-small -- Linking Larry Summers to YSR death Posted: Tuesday , Jan 12, 2010 at 0408 hrs New Delhi: A web posting linking Reliance Industries to Y S R Reddy’s death that sparked off arson and violence against Reliance outlets in Andhra Pradesh on January 7 had little to do with either Reliance or Reddy.In fact, the post was written by Mark Ames, US journalist and editor of a satirical webzine, and its headline was telling: “Enemy of Larry Summers’ Ex-Boss Dies In Mysterious Helicopter Crash.” The conclusion, even more so: “Oh, and by the way, don’t forget this one little fun-fact: Larry Summers, the guy appointed by Obama to run America’s economy, worked for Mukesh Ambani right up until he took his White House job. We’re in good hands, folks.”That post, dated September 3, the day after Reddy’s chopper went missing, alleged that Reddy died after he publicly criticized Mukesh Ambani — calling him Summers’s “oligarch-friend” — and his mother for their ongoing family feud involving Krishna-Godavari gas basin.

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