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MSNBC: Mark Ames and Yasha Levine
Broke the Koch Brothers' Takeover of America
July 2009

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Red State Fatsos Are Suicide-Bombing America...Here's How: 1). Red States Have Highest Rates of Obesity In USA; 2). These Obese Red-Staters Oppose Universal Health Care And Obama's Reforms and May Win, Because It's All About "Freedom" For Fat Hillbilly Fucks; 3) Yet These Same Fat Fucks Are Driving Up Health Care Costs And Making it Unaffordable; 4) Conclusion: Red State Fat Fucks Are Trying To Kill The Rest Of Us With Their Fat Fuckiness...Time To Fire Up The Crop Dusters And Start A-Gassin' Red State Fatfucks, Wouldntcha Say,Folks!

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A few weeks ago, the Daily Mail wrote about a low-ranking British diplomat named James Hudson who was caught on hidden camera by the FSB (formerly the KGB, formerlier the MVD, formerlierer the NKVD, formerliest the Cheka) getting it on with two Russian hookers in…

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Sucker Alert! While The Media Celebrates Supposed Housing Turnaround, In Reality There Were More Foreclosures Last Month In California Than Homes Sold Across The Entire Nation...

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