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August 2009

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Decline & Fall Of America: JPMorgan Fleeces Alabama Hicks With "Shit Bonds," National Guard Called In

America’s collapse into a Third World banana republic is accelerating: Alabama’s most populous county, Jefferson County, is so broke it’s closing down courthouses and laying off so many cops that it’s now planning to call in the National Guard to…

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"Kill me, shoot me; shoot me. You'll like it."

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Geithner Grows A Pair...Of Ovaries, That Is...

Tim Geithner got really, really mad the other day. So mad over problems with financial regulations, that he even swore and raised his voice during a meeting last week, and his PR handlers want the world to know that Tim…

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FDIC's Love Letter To The Banking Industry: Could You Be A Little Bit More Honest, Please? Pretty please?

A little while back I wrote about how the new mark-to-model accounting rules, which allowed banks to inflate the value of their assets to whatever sum they desired, had caused a huge glut of foreclosed properties not being put on…

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