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eXiled Radio / December 5, 2011
By Team eXiled

Listen to eXiled editors Yasha Levine and Mark Ames on KPFK Radio’s “Beneath the Surface” with Suzi Weissman, as they discuss Yasha Levine’s arrest at the LAPD raid on Occupy LA and the appalling treatment of peaceful protesters he witnessed during his two-day stint in jail.

Download the raw mp3 file here and here.

Read Yasha Levine’s first-hand account of LAPD’s appalling treatment of detained Occupy LA protesters

Want to know more? Read Mark Ames’ appeal for Yasha Levine’s release, as well as the post Levine published just a few hours before he was arrested.

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  • 1. Eric  |  December 5th, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    Have you noticed this blogger ripping off your article on “The Rally to Restore Vanity” and then talking shit about the eXiled

  • 2. DeeboCools  |  December 5th, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    Yasha sounds better, Mark looks better- it’s a Kennedy/Nixon thing, and we all know who deserved to win; Neither one.

    But seriously, This illustrated the story very well. I’m a Radio-phile and listening reminded me of my account of getting arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge(which was referenced)- [Spam if you’ll allow me-

    I was treated fairly humanely- The LAPD raid sounds much more punitive and horrible. Some accounts of the NYPD entrapment were similar, but being held for the maximum amount of time and held for the maximum amount of bail is total shit. I was processed and let go- as should have Mr. Levine.

    Never Forget!

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