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One of the pleasures of the run up to New Year’s Eve is reading the list of celebrities who’ve died during the past year. You can gloat over the demise of people you always hated who’ve been taking up space in the world that you require for other purposes, and then enjoy fuming over the obligatory media tributes to those horrible creeps. I still remember fondly the death of Ingmar Bergman in 2007. That miserable old git! What a kick that was, I thought he’d never die! I bet he didn’t feel so pompous about God’s absence when he was choking on his last breath!

Of course, occasionally somebody good dies, and then you feel a little bad, especially if they never got their just due in the world. So, like a lot of pleasures, Celebrity Death Revelry can backfire.


December 31st, 2010 | Comments (42)