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nurse ratched

Folks, this is one of those moments we here at Exiled Online have been waiting for all year long: finally, someone found a way to shake up Betsy McCaughey, an American traitor whom I warned you about in early February as someone willing to kill Americans by the thousands in order to enrich herself and her Park Avenue friends. Since then, Betsy McCaughey invented the “death panels” lie to help kill health care all over again: the Daily Beast labeled her “The Woman Who Killed Health Care,” while Jon Stewart was half-thwarted in his on-air attempt to Cramerize her. It seemed that no one could take the beast down. Enter Dylan Ratigan, host of the MSNBC Morning Meeting Show, the R.P. MacMurphy who took down Nurse McCaughey in the Cuckoo’s Nest of American health care we find ourselves stuck in.


October 6th, 2009 | Comments (16)