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    Dmitry Kozak
    Kremlin • soon-to-be Supervisor of the Regional Representatives

    Lies: less than he’d like to
    Steals: the hopes and dreams of 100 million Russians
    Hair: resembles a black brillo pad
    Jewish: not sure - looks like one
    Connections: Putin

    Career notes: was Putin’s first pick for the new General Prosecutor, but was thwarted when Voloshin and Berezovsky stepped in and placed Ustinov instead... currently tapped as the future liason between Putin and the 7 Regional Representatives... previously replaced by Kasyanov’s Igor Shuvalov as government Chief of Staff... known to be one of Putin’s pals from St. Petersburg... was vice governor of St. Pete from June 96-Jan 99...

    Minor League Notes: born in Kirovogradskiy district in Ukraine, 1958... married with two sons... graduated with a law degree from Leningrad University in 1985...